Internal Family Systems AKA “parts therapy”: websites & blogs

Internal Family Systems therapy appears to have many of the hallmarks of repressed memory therapy that began the sweeping interest in multiple personality disorder or MPD. MPD in the mid 1980s. Renamed dissociative identity disorder (DID) after the diagnosis and treatment suffered unwanted negative press when psychotherapists and mental health facilities were getting sued by severely injured patients and their families.

Below is a growing list of blogs and websites promoting the practice of Internal Family Systems (IFS) that has patients/clients examine “parts” of their personalities which is what led to the proliferation of multiple personalities in the mid 1980s. Internal Family Systems therapy seems to be repackaged old theories and warrants further examination from the point of view of those who support it.

The deeper I get into researching IFS and/or “parts therapy” the more evidence there is to hypnosis being tied to the therapy. The American Psychiatric Association put out warnings decades ago about the use of hypnosis to address alleged repressed memories – what is currently referred to as finding your “parts” – due to the suggestive nature of hypnosis and the unreliability of information gleaned from it.

Here are the sites  Рyou decide if it is a valid therapeutic intervention for psychiatric distress that will lead to mental health or if it will put patients in harms way.


Advanced NLP Hypnotherapy, Manchester, UK

Argosy University, Washington, D.C., USA, Ann Womack, Associate professor

Awaken to the Truth (video)

Forever Families

Hypnotherapy Parts Therapy

Inner Well

Internal Family Systems: Center for Self Leadership

Mental Health Survival Guide

Parts Therapy, Cape Town, South Africa

Parts Therapy for Inner Conflict Resolution

Psychology Today: Therapist Directory

Roy Hunter

Sit by Me

Talk about Marriage

The MethoBlog (Methodist religion)

The Pondering Prophet

Veralieb4 blog Training video

Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy

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  1. Fred

     /  07/06/2014

    IFS therapy has none of the hallmarks of multiple personality disorder. It is a patient centered therapy when done correctly and no hypnosis or suggestion is used. All therapies can be abused by therapists but there is nothing in IFS that makes it more dangerous than other types of therapy.

    IFS was born when a patient used it spontaneously. It was not born of a therapist’s idea.

    • Hello Fred. Thank you for stopping by.

      IFS therapy has all the hallmarks of repressed memory therapy that leads to multiple personalities. IFS simply uses different words to express the same concepts.

      IFS say “parts” RMT say alters

      If you can take the emotions out if it, you’ll likely start seeing the similarities.

  2. Rose

     /  03/02/2013

    Stefan Molyneux’s ruined many lives and ripped families apart via his popular Freedomain Radio talk show. He’s an advocate of IFS therapy, and is the uneducated, unlicensed leader of a psychology cult that espouses severing all contact with family. I have personally experienced the harm he’s caused. My grandson, who grew up in a loving and normal family home, cut all of us family and all of his friends off after listening and calling in to participate in a Molyneux show. That was three years ago. We are allowed no contact with him. We have come to believe he’s had false memories of child abuse implanted during unethical (IFS?) therapy for depression and anxiety. So sad. We are all victims. Molyneux and IFS therapy need to continue to be exposed for the harm he and it have caused.

    • Jeannette Bartha

       /  03/02/2013

      Oh my, Rose, I’m sorry to hear about your family troubles stemming from IFS. There is a new group formed: False Memory Syndrome Action Network. If you are interested, go to Facbook and check us out. It is by invitation only, so let me know if you are interested.

      We offer families like yours an opportunity to meet other families struggling with similar situations – you have a lot of company, unfortunately. If you go to Facebook, there is a page about the group and members.

      Best, Jeanette

  3. Hi, Jeanette.

    My name’s Ed Cara. This is fairly awkward to do on the comments page, but since I’ve been unable to get ahold of your contact info, here goes. I’m actually a young skeptical blogger who in July came across the cases described above by the first commentator, involving allegations of multiple personalities, Satanic cults and false memories. Familiar territory, no? What particularly struck me about the story was not only the degree to which IFS was being promoted as a treament modality, but also the history of its director Mark Schwartz and previous cases of SRA and DID/MPD. I’ve since been looking to write a more much in-depth piece on everything I’ve scounged up, and I’d absolutely love to get in touch with you and correspond a bit, especially considering your expertise with MPD/DID. If ya’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at Thanks.

    • Hello Eddy,

      Thanks for leaving a note here. I think it is especially important that everyone leave comments who does not agree with IFS,MPD,DID,SRA and any other acronyms related to pseudo-science and pop psychology weigh in.

      I will contact you.

      Thank you for your interest in these topics.

  4. Altus

     /  08/28/2012

    Internal Family Systems like repressed memory therapy, dream analysis, hypnosis, Rorschach tests, etc. is yet another pseudoscience therapy where the therapist gets to twist the patient narrative by having the patient dwell in the nether regions of “interpretation.” It’s been kicking around for decades but has no clinical trials and has a guru who dreamed it up out of nothing and wrote a book and holds seminars for which he charges over 3 grand for “certification.” It’s like past life regression therapy or inner child stuff–quackery and a money maker for the guru but untested and potentially harmful for the patient. The concerning thing is, therapists are practicing this crap which can be a doorway to confabulated memories. It’s now at the center of three lawsuits where the guru Richard Schwartz resides and teaches when he is not touring country giving seminars. Hope the suits go to trial. But they will probably settle. Between the money that is being made convincing women in treatment that they witnessed horrible satanic abuse and broke into parts and multiples (which women came to understand as BS brought on by the therapy, thus the lawsuits) and the money Dick is making on his seminars, the settlement is pennies.

    • I suspect lawsuits will settle too, depends on the plaintiff. Holding these quacks accountable through the legal system slows them down a bit, but as we see repeatedly, those supporting these bogus therapies change the name and keep the public confused as long as possible.

      The legal system is not equipped to deal with psychiatric cases and is too often forced to make judgements on suits. The courts usually use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) to come to decisions. I doubt that the courts know about the controversy surrounding this manual.

      Until the American Psychiatric/psychology/medical associations police their membership, the courts will be forced to deal with incompetent therapists and medical/psychiatric malpractice. Patients are again unprotected and their only recourse to get treatment to correct medical injury is the courts when it should be the associations kicking out quacks from their membership & somehow making it illegal to practice psychotherapy once it is known to cause repeated harm as does multiple personality/dissociative identity disorder.


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