Chris Costner Sizemore: AKA The Three Faces of Eve (1927- )

Update 01-11-14. To date, I know of one high profile case of multiple personalities or Dissociative Identity Disorder that did not claim childhood sexual abuse as it antecedent or cause. That case is reported by Hershel Walker, former American football icon, who claims his multiple personalities were caused by childhood bullying.

If there are people out there who claim to have developed multiple personalities by causes other than childhood child abuse, I’d be interested to hear from you.


Christine (Chris) Costner Sizemore

born 1927 -

Most Noted for:

Diagnosed in the 1950s, she is considered by some to be the first documented case of multiple personality disorder in the 20th century. Chris Sizemore is known by the pseudonym, Eve.

Sizemore had eight psychiatrists during her lengthily treatment that spanned over two decades. Corbett Thigpen and colleague, Hervey Cleckley, M.D., published a book that was a historical case study based on her life titled: “The Three Faces of Eve” which gained best-seller status as did the movie by the same title.

During the later part of her illness and recovery from multiple personality disorder, Chris Sizemore was treated for four years by Dr. Tony Tsitos in Virginia.

Early childhood traumas:

Chris Sizemore, in a YouTube documentary “Hard Talk,” a BBC Interview, said that at the age of two, she experienced three consecutive traumas.

  1. her mother cut her arm badly
  2. she saw a drowned man being recovered from a ditch, heard the word “death,” and began to believe that anyone who was sick or hurt was “dying.”
  3. she witnessed a man cut in half at a lumber yard.

Chris Sizemore repeatedly states that it was with the help of her psychiatrists, devoted family, and her belief in God that saw her through her illness and led to her recovery.


1958.  The Final Face of Eve

1977. I’m Eve

1989. A Mind of My Own


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Australian Author Releases Memoir About Living with Multiple Personalities

Ineke Hill talks about Dissociative Identity Disorder

Oct. 3, 2013, 12:30 p.m.

CARRICKALINGA, Australia – Carrickalinga writer Ineke Hill will launch her memoir, faceless friends, on October 12, to coincide with Mental Health Week.

Ineke lives with the condition Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as multiple personality disorder, which came about as a result of a traumatic, abusive childhood.

“The book eventuated from a stoical determination to seek freedom from overwhelming pain and memories,” Ineke said.

Full Story Victor Harbor Times, South Australia

Another Multiple Personality, Another Memoir, Another Invitation to the Dr. Phil Show

Graduate shares her story about multiple personalities

Written by Emily Stephenson | Posted: August 27, 2012

UVU graduate and Miss UVU runner-up Jenny Hill recounts her experiences with ritual abuse and her multiple personalities in the recehtly published “Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities” by Judy Byington.

Byington and Hill have been piecing together the book for the past 20 years since Hill had been seeing Byington, a former therapist, for treatment. Hill wanted to write and felt that her experiences of abuse could help others. Hill has received various threats about publishing her book.

For the past 17 years, Byington and Hill have been piecing together Jenny’s biography. Since the age of 7, Hill has written her experiences in journals, feeling that in doing so, she could eventually help others. Hill claims that as a 5-year-old she was raped, tortured, watched another child be murdered and was threatened with death if she told anyone. Her perpetrators are still on the loose.

“I met her about 17 years ago,” said Byington. “I had been an Alberta Canada Mental Health Supervisor, then Director of Provo Family Counseling Center and counseled several ritually abused women who carried multiple personalities.”

Byington explained that since Jenny was not allowed to process her stressful experiences in order to cope, her thinking patterns separated into 22 multiple personalities – an extreme analysis outside mainstream psychiatry and psychology circles, yet Byington continues to sell the therapy.

According to Byington, each year in the U.S. over six million children are investigated for physical, sexual or emotional abuse, and it is estimated that millions more go unreported. The resource of this statement are not provided; are we to take Byington’s word for it?

“Multiple personalities are always caused by child abuse,” said Byington. “It has to do with the child’s developing brain, severity of the abuse and whether or not they are locked into a traumatic situation from which they can’t escape.” Careful when making an “all” statement. One of the first women diagnosed, treated, and recovered from multiple personality disorder was Chris Sizemore AKA “The Three Faces of Eve” In Sizemore’s memoirs she repeatedly explains that the trauma she sustained was from witnessing horrific events as a young child. She does not connect child sexual abuse or repressed memories to multiple personalities as most proponents of these odd theories do.

“Since the Salt Lake Tribune and Utah Daily Herald articles about “Twenty-Two Faces” were published three weeks ago, I’ve had nine ritual abuse survivors ask for free counseling through our website,,” said Byington.

She explained ten ritual abuse survivors approached her at the first book signing at Barnes and Noble saying that they were grateful that Jenny was speaking out. Is Byington offering psychotherapy without a license?

Byington explained that there are eight adult Occult covens here in Utah. An adult coven is a group of about six to eight people who generally form a group in high school. Covens also come from multi-generational satanic families where fathers teach torture techniques to their own children. Worshippers are very secretive and are addicted to torture and murder. This thinking and nonsense began in the 1980s and most, if not all, were debunked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the US, by researchers, and by former patients manipulated into these beliefs.

“These aberrant rites are everywhere, people just don’t know about them, or refuse to recognize the problem,” said Byington. Again, are we to accept that all these covens are able to keep all members quiet about their activities? I don’t think so – 3 people cannot keep a secret for long. But Byington wants the public to think that hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of people remain silent. It defies reason and logic.

Hill received almost straight As while attending UVU and graduated as an LPN according to Byington who goes on to say that Jenny Hill was able to accomplish this because she compartmentalized stress within her alter personalities. “She’s an amazing person for what she’s been through,” said Byington.

Byington explained that the LDS church (church of Latter Days Saints AKA Mormon Church) conducted a study known as “The 1990 LDS Report on Ritual Abuse.” After interviewing over one hundred ritual abuse survivors across the nation the committee reported that, “45 witnessed human sacrifice.” What is the current analysis by the Mormon Church? Has the LDS retracted or otherwise updated or revised their previous statements? The report is 22 years old, what, if anything, is going on in the alleged covens in the state of Utah, USA?

“If you’ve been abused, don’t be ashamed of it,” said Byington. “Know that you can overcome it. If it’s difficult to talk about, then start writing. That will move subconscious thoughts into the conscious and help you cope.” I agree with Byingtonn on this point. Shame need not be part of the equation.

Byington said that victims need to understand that anger is one of the most devastating affects of trauma and abuse. She explains that there is a fear behind the anger and you can discover what that fear is. Byington advises that victims try to forgive those who wronged them and research ways to over come their fears.

“Believe in yourself, know that you are a Child of God,” said Hill. “He wants you to be happy. No matter the challenge you can overcome anything if you set your mind on it.”




Herschel Walker tells Skyline students how to cope with life

Hershel Walker, American football legend, continues to educate the public about the bullying he sustained in school that allegedly led his psyche to split into multiple personalities.

Associated Press

Former NFL player and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker, left, came to Skyline to promote his book “Breaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder” and to help students deal with it.

In trying to protect himself from the pain of bullying, he developed Dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder.

“The first thing I thought of was Sybil,” he said referring to a controversial 1976 movie. “I thought, ‘I’m not Sybil; I’m not mean.’”


Retrieved 9/19/11.

NEW! ESPN Documentary Series Includes Herschel Walker, His Football Career & His Multiple Personalities

Cropped photo of Herschel Walker at PE4LIFE Da...

Image via Wikipedia

New SEC ‘Storied’ Documentary Series Slated for ESPNU; ‘Herschel’ Set for September 7

ESPN’s award-winning Content Development unit (30 for 30) will create four one-hour documentaries highlighting the traditions, rivalries and unique stories of the Southeastern Conference it was announced today at the conference’s Media Days event in Birmingham, Ala. The “Storied” series will debut on ESPNU Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. ET with Herschel, about former University of Georgia and pro football standout, Herschel Walker.

About the film

Produced in conjunction with NASCAR Media Group, Herschel explores how Herschel Walker’s career in the SEC was legendary, but his journey off the field was filled with struggle, pain, and ultimately, redemption. Growing up in rural Georgia, Walker was relentlessly bullied for being overweight and having a severe stutter. He turned those taunts into motivation, transforming himself into a superior athlete.

…But despite those accomplishments, Walker endured mental anguish for years over the unresolved childhood traumas. Eventually he was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and underwent intensive psychotherapy to heal.

Read more: Documentary Series for ESPNU with Herscel Walker Set for September VIA press release from ESPN.

Retrieved 7/20/11.


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