Southeast Institute, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA: Supports Dissociative Identity Disorder Diagnosis

This post was intended to research “redecision therapy”. I thought it might have merit even though it seems logical and doable at home without the need to pay someone to be next to you. My thoughts quickly changed direction as I read deeper into the Southeast Institute in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, for “Group and Family Therapy” and other therapies outside mainstream psychological and psychiatric practices.

At least one faculty member is a associated with the International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSTD), the leading organization for the study of Multiple Personality Disorder, renamed Dissociative Identity Disorder. This therapy has repeatedly demonstrated to cause extreme harm to some patients & their families.

“Southeast Institute is committed to offering the highest quality training and supervision for mental health professionals and to developing increasingly effective models for individual and social change. …is a nonprofit educational institute offering continuing education workshops and training programs in psychotherapy for mental health professionals since 1969 as well as direct clinical services.”

Vann Joines, Ph.D. Director

A recent workshop: Mastering Redecision Therapy, was held at a cost of $925 for participants who want to be certified in Redecision Therapy. The Southeast Institute offers training and continuing educational credits, to retain licenses to practice psychotherapy, in the United States.

Instruction and training for the following therapies:

Postgraduate Training Program  TUITION: $7995

Training offered:

Redecision Therapy

“Redecision therapy is a powerful, short-term treatment approach that is very effective in treating a number of difficulties including depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and early trauma. It integrates cognitive, behavioral, and affective work in a brief but in-depth approach. It is an action-oriented method that elicits the power and autonomy of the client and facilitates change in a fun and exciting manner. This workshop will teach the basics of this approach along with video taped and live demonstrations. Come experience the effectiveness of this powerful and exciting approach.”

This workshop is required as part of the Redecision Therapy Certification Program

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Comprehensive Energy Psychology

“Energy Psychology (EP) is a family of evidence supported modalities that balance, restore and improve human functioning by combining physical interventions (using the acupuncture system, the chakras and other ancient systems of healing) with modern cognitive interventions such as imagery-based exposure therapy.”  Source: Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

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Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

According to wikipedia. is a form of psychotherapy that was developed by Francine Shapiroto resolve the development of trauma-related disorders caused by exposure to distressing, traumatising, or negative life events, such as rape or military combat. According to Shapiro’s theory,]when a traumatic or distressing experience occurs, it may overwhelm usual cognitive and neurological coping mechanisms.

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Advanced Integrative Therapy 

Considered a “new” psychotherapy providing lasting relief from psychological disorders, physical diseases and allergies and spiritual issues.

“Starting from the premise that all upsetting events are types of trauma, and that they are housed within the body, mind and spirit, Advanced Integrative Therapy quickly removes the after-effects of such traumatic events”

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Transactional Analysis

From the Southeast website: An excerpt from TA Today by Ian Stewart, Ph.D. and Vann Joines, Ph.D.
Transactional analysis is a theory of personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and personal change that was developed by Eric Berne, M.D. Among psychological approaches, it is outstanding in the depth of its theory and the wide variety of its applications. Transactional Analysis is practiced worldwide and has national organizations for training and certification in most countries.

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