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This section is for consumers of mental health care. As years pass and the Internet grows, I am concerned about the vast amount of misinformation available that finds No ethical responsibility to protect or to inform consumers with accurate information & resources. I do not take issue with opinions and anecdotes, per se, what I am concerned about is how misinformation, or failure to include comprehensive information, strips consumers of the ability to make an informed decision about their health care when that is exactly what was promised to them from the site they are visiting.

It is understandable that organizations want people to accept their mission statement & subsequent opinions. That is not my greatest concern because to be an informed consumer one needs to continue collecting information from a variety of sources before making a decision on a course of action.

I take issue with organizations, websites, blogs, publications or other sources that make claims that they are “comprehensive”, “authoritative” or the “largest consumer mental health site on the Net,” Those statements were made by When an organization makes wide sweeping statements and claims such as this, they need to be exposed if that is not a true statement – which in this case it is not.

It can be difficult to find accurate information from sources such as that mentioned above. Using Healthy Place as an example, if you look closely, you will find that it acknowledges that articles are “produced by writers who are employed” by them, that writers are “not professional therapists”, and that it is overseen by a doctor who has the title of medical director. It can give an inaccurate impression and the illusion of professionalism. Some articles on this site are penned by therapists and it is easy to lose site of which opinions and statements are made by professionals and which are made by laypersons. This is not to say that laypersons do not have insightful and useful information to offer – because they have a wealth of information a therapist or medical doctor may never have.

Lastly, is is humanely possible for one medical director to read all articles prior to publication & to oversee his or her staff of writers particularly when that individual claims to be servicing clients in several practice locations?

Posts here will expose organizations, publications, and individuals who make claims that consumers of mental health care cannot rely upon. If you find others that I miss, please let me know.

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