Dr. Lorandos discusses defense strategy in cases involving repressed memories

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The video above is about 10:00. It’s comprehensive, easy to understand, and well articulated. Give it a view.

Meet Trial Lawyer/Psychologist Demosthenes Lorandos

“Attorney/psychologist Demosthenes Lorandos is unique in the legal community. He is an attorney and member of the California, Michigan, New York, and Washington, D.C. bars, as well as a member of the bar of the United States Supreme Court. As a Ph.D.-level psychologist, Dr. Lorandos has many years of clinical experience. His law firm is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Washington, D.C.” …

Hired Gun for Science and Justice
Call 734-327-5030

Nationally Noted Evidence Scholar

Committed to Defending Clients Who Are Falsely Accused

Psychologist Serves as Expert Witness

Assists Lawyers Across the Nation

Psych Law/Attorneys

Retrieved 4/26/11.  Information only, blogger does not support this lawyer.

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