1905, Morton Prince, M.D., The Dissociation of a Personality, 1st ed.

Morton Prince, (1905) 1st ed., The Dissociation of a Personality: A Biographical Study in Abnormal Psychology, The University Press, Cambridge, USA.

Nov. 1906 Reprinted

Sept, 1908 Second Edition

This book is the study of Miss Sally Beauchamp who came under his care in 1898 and remained in treatment for seven years.

He diagnosed her as a “double” or “multiple personality.” Prince, however, thought that “a more correct term is disintegrated personality, for each secondary personality is a part only of a normal whole self.” p.8.

Dr. Prince does not report that Sally Beauchamp was sexually abused in childhood or at any other time in her life. Rather, she presented as a 23 year-old well educated woman, with persistent fatigue, insomnia, bodily pains, headaches, trance states, being in constant motion, and mixed up daydreams and imaginings which misconstrued her perceptions of reality.

She lived with parents who were unhappily married with a father who had a violent temper.

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