Potential Juror Pleads MPD in Murder Trial of Casey Anthony

Clearwater, FL.  Another case of the MPD defense, but this time by a potential juror for the Casey Anthony murder trial. Anthony is on trial for first degree murder for allegedly killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008.

Elizabeth Ann Rogers, a potential juror, halts proceedings during jury selection with an outburst and tears telling the court that she is mentally ill and has bipolar disorder and multiple personality disorder. Judge Belvin Perry renders her in contempt of court and gives her a light sentence of two days in jail – she could have received 179 days.

Update: Casey Anthony was acquitted of all charges.

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  1. Clearly conditions similar to split brain syndrome might occur would they not? I would think that some cases might be genetic besides the usual cases attributed to trauma. Paranoid schizophrenia as well as tourettes syndrome might be misdiagnosed cases at times. There is a more complete list of potential physical causes of mysterious mental phenomina here…



    • Hi Warren, Thanks for stopping by.

      I can’t address split brain syndrome. Are you saying that some multiple personality symptoms are genetic? I’m not sure if you are.

      There are many misdiagnosis made every day. That’s quite common. What should Not be common is diagnosing people with a mental illness that defies logic and reason.


  2. Anonymous

     /  06/12/2011

    By the way, MPD is no longer used in the clinical field. MPD and DID are the same thing, DID replaced MPD


    • Replace all they want, still a horse of the same stripe. Aren’t multiples still called multiples? Or did that name change too. Don’t multiples still lose time? Have alter/insiders/ entities? Have little baby personalities, persecutors, helpers, front persons? Don’t they still get therapy? So, what has changed? Please, tell us.


  3. Anonymous

     /  06/12/2011

    So basically you are saying that everything in the DSM-IV-TR is false. Get back to us when you get a degree other than a mere bachelors.



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