Shelter II

Shelter (II) (2010)

According to blogcritic:

Shelter (2010) opens on the forensic psychiatrist Cara Harding (Julianne Moore) who seems to have a special interest in multiple personality disorder. Her evaluation of a criminal who has obviously pleaded insanity sends the gentleman in question to the electric chair.

Subsequent conversations between her and her father Dr. Harding (Jeffrey DeMunn) quickly reveal that debunking presumed sufferers from multiple personality disorder is something of a speciality of Cara’s. She is yet to be proven wrong in her estimations.

…Multiple-personality disorder is a very much discussed phenomena and it’s been pretty thoroughly debunked, but it makes for great entertainment in this kind of setting. The problem here is that this is where this story veers off into the supernatural. People start dying in gruesome, horrendous and very specific ways while Cara investigates the various alters of David only to find that they all existed, and that the young man is not so much disturbed, as possessed. …

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  1. Steve

     /  06/09/2011

    Hollywood and Televison have done a lot to entrench repression and MPD in the public mind. What’s unfortunate is that people like Oprah and Geraldo do sensationalist shows that reinforce this nonsense, and it’s PBS who does the exposes that debunk it. The number of viewers Winfrey/Rivera have compared to PBS gives them a much, much larger and more gullible audience.

    Also, a film about a wacky psychiatrist ruining patients lives is not nearly as audience friendly as the exotic intrigue of repressed, horrific memories uncovered by dedicated shrinks, cops, etc. The truth just isn’t nearly as salable. As Colbert might say, ” the free market has spoken.” Bummer.


    • Agreed.

      What gets me is that patients tell me repeatedly that they knew nothing about DID before finding out they had other people in their heads. As you stated, MPD is ingrained in Western culture – it’s impossible not to know something about it, number one. And what “causes” it, i.e. childhood sexual abuse.



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