YouTube: False Memory Syndrome Foundation and CIA Cults (#17)


This YouTube video misconstrues so much of the information offered that it would take hours and hours to debunk every point. Needless to say, this is one heck of a good example of disinformation and misinformation about the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and its advisory board among many other subjects.

I wonder why the author decided not to take credit for it? Oh right, the CIA might be after them, or the scary False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Silly me.

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  1. Steve

     /  06/12/2011

    The only things left out of the video clip are the Biggie and Tupac mystery and the NFL players strike of 1982, but I’m sure they both fit in there somewhere.


    • Don’t you love the bullshit grinder? We need a big one set somewhere strategic – like in front of the DSM committee meeting place?


      • Steve

         /  06/12/2011

        I’m sure they’ll have one on hand during their deliberations. State of the art. no doubt.

        You’d think that the folks who produced this clip would at least find a narrator who wouldn’t stumble over the script. No time for a second take?

        Have all the commenters here been driven away? As a paranoiac with delusions of grandeur, I’ll bet it’s my fault. 🙂



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