Casey Anthony Trial: Father Accused of Sexual Abuse – Fights Back

Olando, FL, USA. Casey Anthony, 25, mother of two-year-old Caylee Anthony, is on trial for first-degree murder in the death of her daughter. The state is seeking the death penalty.

The trial that began on May 25, 2011, changed course over the past few weeks when the defense team accused Anthony’s father, George Anthony, of sexually abusing his daughter. In addition, he is accused of helping to dispose of his granddaughters body. A paternity test of Casey’s father, and brother, ruled them out as the father of little Caylee.

Is this another sexual abuse excuse tactic? Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, claims that child sexual abuse led Casey Anthony to keep family secrets and tell lies to cover up what may have been an accidental drowning of her daughter in the backyard pool in June, 2008. Is this another legal tactic that will do nothing more than inflame the public and attempt to create suspicion and ruin the reputation of an innocent father and family?

This is a horrific family tragedy. If the accusations of sexual abuse prove false, what does that say about the the defendant and her attorney, Jose Baez? Are they willing to intentionally accuse an innocent man of a sexual crime? How could a daughter allow her father to take the blame for the death of her daughter by using the abuse excuse?

In order to prove Caylee drowned and Casey Anthony was a victim of molestation and sexual abuse, Anthony will likely need to take the witness stand which will lead to a harsh and relentless cross-examination.

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