Anthony Acquitted of Murdering Daughter: What happens with the sexual abuse accusations against Anthony’s father?

As you may know, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee.

The Associated Press reports that “Anthony’s parents left court quickly after the verdict without hugging or saying anything” to their daughter.

Today, CNN reported that the background of the jurors could have been an influence in plaintiff bias if they have had sexual abuse in their past.

George Anthony, father of the defendant, was accused of sexually abusing his daughter when she was a child. He denied the accusations under oath. Was the accusation meant to create sympathy for Casey and influence jurors by painting her as a victim too? Or are they true?

The accusations are seemingly unsubstantiated. Will they be retracted now that Casey was acquitted, or does this father have to live with horrific public accusations that undoubtedly caused a severe breakup of their family?

Sexual abuse accusations never go away. If they are true, they need to be addressed. If they are false, then what? Retractions do not necessarily exonerate the accused and do not erase the information from the minds of the public. In some cases, retractions of sexual abuse do not release the accused from serving prison terms.

I cannot claim to be unbiased in my thinking and reporting. I am grateful that I never accused anyone of abusing me during psychotherapy aimed at addressing my alleged “multiple personalities” based on repeated child sexual abuse I could not fully remember. I made accusations during treatment, behind the closed doors of the hallowed rooms of therapy only. Until I was 100% sure, beyond a doubt, I refused to accuse because if I was wrong, I knew it would injure those people severely. I made the decision that until all memories, new and old, held the same weight, truth, and fit together perfectly, I would continue to search for memories and for the truth regarding my childhood. Thankfully, I fled treatment instead.

Too many men (and a few women) are accused and convicted of child abuse based on nothing more than vague “remembering” by the accuser. Some are in prison and will remain there the rest of their lives.

As the Anthony case stands today, there is no answer to the question of whether or not George Anthony is a child abuser. I would like an answer. If indeed, Mr. Anthony was falsely accused, someone needs to be held accountable – and perhaps that should be the defense attorney, Jose Baez and his client, Casey Anthony. As I’ve said, sexual abuse accusations do not go away just because “case closed”.

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