Mental Health Care Consumer Alert: Full of

This website does not disclose the name, identity, or location of the owner/operator. Therefore, readers do not know who is writing articles on mental health and we certainly do not know what professional credentials they may, or may not, possess.

The publication of an article titled: Managing Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms posted July 12, 2011, was credited to someone named “Schaeffer”. Clicking on the name does not provide identifying or contact information. Comments on the article are closed. The domain name is protected so a general Internet search will not identify the website owner or operator.

If you read the article (link below) you will find that Schaeffer uses the term multiple personality disorder instead of the revised name dissociative identity disorder. This fact alone leads me to question this individual’s general knowledge of this disorder and tells me he or she is probably not a professional in the mental health field.

The Full of website appears to be a quasi consumer information site with many categories – all appear to be written by “Schaffer”. This particular article is posted under the “health” category.

Mental health care consumers – get savvy when doing Internet searches.When reading articles, if there is no author, identifying information, if scrolling to the bottom of the page does not disclose the owner or operator of the site then you have red flags to guide you regarding the credibility of the site and the author(s).

Professionals in the mental health care field, and journalists reporting on mental health issues, will offer their names, credentials, and sometimes contact information.

When you read an anonymous article on an anonymous website – Beware. Better yet, move on.

Retrieved 7/13/11. managing-multiple-personality-disorder-symptoms.html

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