Mental Health Care Consumer Alert: Explicit

This site, like others popping up at rapid speed, does not offer the reader the identity of the site owner/operator or the identity of the person writing mental health articles.

I am not saying that one needs “professional” education and credentials to know about mental health issues. My concern is that someone seeking accurate and scientifically-based information regarding multiple personalities or dissociative identity disorder will not find it on this type of site and I wonder if readers will know that upon first glance.

When mental health articles use words in the title such as drug treatment, solutions to symptoms, managing multiple personalities, or other terms aimed at rising credibility, does the tactic work? If readers do not know, or fail to take the time, to evaluate sites like this – what impression do they leave with?

There are children, teens, and concerned parents searching the Internet every day for information about multiple personalities and dissociative disorders. If readers are distressed while searching, it complicates and probably impairs their ability to evaluate the information gathered. If readers are children and teens, do they have the skills necessary to ascertain whether or not the mental health information is scientifically based?

The article on this site titled: “Solutions Plus Drug Treatments with Regard to Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms” is dangerous. It is unfortunate that there is no regulation keeping people from dispensing medical advise on the Internet.. This site offers a link to another site which I followed. It led to Opulent site offering mental health care advise in an equally questionable and sloppy manner – “Opulent

Here is an excerpt from the article credited to someone called “Theda”. This paragraph, to me, makes no sense from a literary point of view as well as from a reality check point of view.

“Everybody is mindful they have multiple personality disorders ahead of there’re [sic] technically recognized. You might discover, notice as well as just have a feel for that you have folks in. Indications of multiple personality disorder symptoms take time and effort for you to define as they quite simply differ hence greatly from person to person. A number of people lose efforts and are usually spoke of discussions they’ve already had in addition to items they’ve accomplished that they’ve virtually no storage connected with, people tend to be co-conscious and don’t drop time, these are constantly alert to what has happened even when there’re [sic] interior.”

Retrieved 7/13/11. solutions-plus-drug-treatments-with-regard-to-multiple-personality-disorder-symptoms.html

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