Texas, USA. Alleged “Twilight Rapist” will plead multiple personality defense

According to the Victoria Advocate (Texas, USA), defense counsel for Billy Joe Harris, suspected of being the “twilight rapist”, will argue that Mr. Harris has multiple personalities.

“The dog, one of a few personalities claimed by a serial rape suspect, was to blame” reports the Advocate.

Full Story Twilight rapist  Retrieved 9/13/11.

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  1. V

     /  09/20/2011

    He wanted to see your underwear? What a disgusting pig. That is total groomer – manipulator behavior. He isn’t even being honest enough to ask for panties… no, he is “merely informing” his vulnerable mentally ill patients that other patients give him panties, like it’s a normal thing to do. What a filthy disgusting pervert. I am sorry you had to go through that!

    It reminds me of the Robyn Dawes quote, that people tend to believe things because of “authority and consensus,” so that if an authority says something and the people around believe it, you tend to accept it also. So, that doctor was using his authority to solicity panties, and telling his patients that everyone else was doing it. That is absolutely disgusting. What a manipulator.

    My mother’s DID therapy definitely had a pervy energy. I have no specific information that anything happened, but it would not surprise me. I also think it probably doesn’t matter much whether the psychiatrists’ behavior was just passively pervy or actively pervy, it was sick in either case.

    Gross. I wonder whether that “other women are giving me panties” line worked on some patients. I imagine that those who had really been sexually abused might have been especially vulnerable to that kind of manipulation.


    • Now, now, V. I didn’t say he asked… he just planted a firm suggestion.

      Robyn Dawes was an awesome man – he died recently. We lost an ethical researcher and a great mind.

      I would call that behavior (of my former MD) “abuse by a person in the position of power & trust”.

      This type of behavior happens every day behind the closed doors of psychotherapy rooms – whether or not patients understand or want to accept it.


  2. V

     /  09/16/2011

    A dog, huh. At least he didn’t claim that at a “Lesbian alter” did it, like Billy Mulligan.

    The total sexism of DID is one of the things that shocked me to my core when I started to think my experience growing up. DID seems to be frequently used as a successful excuse for men who rape, beat, or even murder women, and it seems to mostly serve the function of making the male doctors money. It sure doesn’t make life better for the patients!

    And don’t get me started about male doctors listening to women speaking in baby voices about sex crimes all day long.

    The whole thing is sick and it serves the purpose of keeping women dependent. It’s not even just the crazier parts of therapy that are the biggest problem. I think the subtle attitudes that are implicit in the therapy are even worse, for example the idea that women are totally helpless in our responses unfairness, and that we are totally unable to control our behavior or personality in any context. Plus, the paranoia that families, churches, etc., are all out to get us. It’s the whole “he made me feel” attitude on steroids. Just total chaos and inability to identify choices in life.

    I think the legal system learned its lesson though and the DID defense is highly unlikely to be successful.


    • I’ll get started on male doctors that listen, and encourage, women to talk in baby voices about sex crimes all day long. I’ll add that it goes on every day as well. My former psychiatrist is a prime example. He couldn’t get enough vivid details, or drawings, to satiate his appetite. I now think he is a perpetrator in having the need to satisfy His curiosity, rather than the truth of what I reported – much of it beyond the physical scope of reality.

      He continually told me about what other patients did – like “show me their panties”. I remember telling him that if he was waiting for me to do that, he had a long wait, cause it wasn’t going to happen – and it didn’t.

      You might check out the post I wrote about the doctor being the perpetrator.



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