Daughter’s Dream of Rape Convicts Father: Tel Aviv, Israel

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Tel Aviv, Israel. According to The Jerusalem Post, experts agreed to the accuracy of a 22-year old woman’s dream that led her to recall sexual abuse by her father.The abuse allegedly took place 12 years earlier and has been repressed in the ensuing 10 years.

The testimony of expert witnesses, Prof. Eli Zomer, Dr. Zvia Zeligman and Dr. Anat Gur to the accuracy of the plaintiff’s repressed memories was accepted by the Court.

The court obviously ignored, was ignorant of, or didn’t care about the controversy & science refuting the accuracy of repressed memories. This is a tragedy for both father and daughter who have to live with the consequences of uninformed judges and bias experts.

The father was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2008. His attorneys appealed to the Supreme Court questioning the authenticity of the complainant’s repressed memories of the abuse. The case in on appeal.

Retrieved 9/23/11. Full Story Jerusalem Post

The experts:

Professor Eli Zomer, Ph.D.  eli_zomer_old.htm

Department of Occupational Therapy
Senior Clinical Psychologist and is clinical director of “Maytal – Israel Institue for Treatment and Study of Stress“.

Zvia Zeligman, Doctor of clinical psychology, a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, New York University, and Rutgers University. Founder and director of the Center for the Psychological Treatment of Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse in the outpatient psychiatric clinic of the Souraski Tel-Aviv Medical Center. Clinical consultant to the “Theater of Testimony,” a project for Holocaust survivors. Dr. Seligman regularly lectures to health care professionals and clinical staffs in the field of psychological trauma. She also supervises clinicians working in the field. Dr. Seligman pursues research on psychological trauma, in general, and on incest, in particular, at the Tel-Aviv Medical Center. She is the co-editor, together with Professor Zahava Solomon, of Critical and Clinical Perspectives on Incest (2004)

Anat Gur, Ph.D. Gender Studies.  LinkedIn View Profile

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  1. Richard England

     /  09/30/2011

    That peculiar facility of white middle-class females in the West (we can include Israelis in this category – they do after all take part in the Eurovision Song Contest!) to suffer extraordinary abuse and trauma without any sign of physical injury, and then completely forget about it (and even partition into mutiple personalities), as opposed to the victims of mass rape and torture of women and children in say the Democratic Republic of Congo, who cannot forget their experiences and their extreme physical injuries, is discussed in the following self-contained entries in Dramatis’;

    http://www.dramatis.hostcell.net/SRA/RAINS3/rains3.html#racial – The Western Middle Class White Woman’s Burden – the racial aspect of Dissociation/MPD & Recovered Memory Therapy

    and, with widespread detail about recovered memory therapy;

    http://www.dramatis.hostcell.net/SRA/RAINS5/rains5.html#future – Recovered memories, body memories and the pseudoscience of the future

    (Jeanette, you get a mention inamongst these!)

    It is worthwhile remembering that the recovered memory movement has three key books that introduced the idea of satanic abuse to white middle-class Western women, mixing it up with incest allegations;

    Michelle Remembers – by Lawrence and Michelle Pazder – this is the genesis of the Recovered Memory Movement and the recognised core text for those who believe in satanic ritual abuse. It features a ‘guest’ appearence by satan himself. It is also the core genesis text for the ‘body memories’ movement.

    The Courage to Heal – Laura Davis and Ellen bass – the ‘Bible’ of the fundamentalist and feminist Recovered Memory Movement. Early editions recommended ‘Michelle Remembers’. Dr. Roland C. Summit (he of the McMartin scandal) is thanked for reading and editing the early draft, whilst Dr. Cory Hammond (of the famous mad-as-a-box-of-frogs ‘Greenbaum Speech’) is thanked in the acknowledgements page. Kee McFarlane, also a key figure in the McMartin scandal (though a judge admitted her testimony was worthless) is also thanked. ‘Courage covers incest and satanic ritual abuse and dissociation, with recovered memories of forgotten abuse by satanic cults a key element in all but the most recent editions. Both Michelle Remembers and The Courage to Heal are bestsellers and ‘cross-over’ books – that is they can be found being promoted by both religious fundamentalists and feminists with equal avid enthusiasm.

    Safe Passage to Healing: A Guide for Survivors of Ritual Abuse – by Chrystine Oksana. This is a combination of Michelle Remembers and The Courage To Heal and determines that any, absolutely any recovered memory or even suspicion of satanic ritual abuse or incest, however improbable, however impossible or fantastic, is absolutely true. The title page of the paperback edition has a recommendation from Laura Davis;

    “A real gift to ritual abuse survivors who’ve only had crumbs in the recovery literature…poignant and insightful” — Laura Davis, co-author of The Courage To Heal.

    Safe Passage to Healing counts Michelle Remembers as being an authoritive source, together with the famous ‘Satan’s Underground’ by serial ‘Walter Mitty’ character Lauren Stratford (who popped-up later claiming to be a Holocaust survivor). Dr. Catherine Gould’s ‘Signs and Symptoms of Ritualistic Abuse in Children’ – which makes it virtually impossible for any child to NOT be diagnosed as being a ritual abuse victim is also so-regarded. The selected bibliography pages, which cite near enough every academic and feminist/fundamentalist book/article in support of ritual abuse/recovered memory/DID is worth the cover price alone. Once again ‘Safe Passage to Healing’ is a cross-over book; having been recommended by feminists such as the UK’s Dr. Sara Scott, and fundamentalists alike.

    (sorry for the long Neil Brick-like post)


    • Thank you, Richard for your opinions and for the links that you read. I wish more people would do that instead of hiding behind fake identities in fear – or for other reasons. You gave me a lot of homework to do 🙂

      Who writes the dramatis site? I’ll give it a read. Appreciate it. Best.



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