Sybil Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case – release date October 18, 2011.

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 The true story of the three women behind Sybil, the international bestseller and smash hit movie.

A bestselling book published in 1973, and a television movie starring Sally Field and Joanne Woodward, Sybil was both a pop culture phenomenon and a revolutionary force in the therapeutic industry. Sybil sold more than 6 million copies worldwide and influenced the way millions of people, young and old, saw themselves, their families, their sexuality, and their own psyches. Before Sybil was published, there had been fewer than 200 known cases of multiple personality disorder in history; afterwards, approximately 40,000 people were diagnosed with it in just a few years. Now in her news-breaking book, journalist Debbie Nathan gives proof that the supposed “true” story was largely fabricated.

Exposing Sybil combines fascinating, near mythic drama with serious journalism to reveal what really powered the legend: a trio of women—the willing patient, her devoted shrink, and the ambitious journalist who spun their story into bestseller gold. Nathan followed an enormous trail of papers, records, photos, and tapes to unearth the lives of these three women and tell the real tale. The result is an intensely fascinating portrait not just of the pop culture phenomenon, but of the complex psychological factors that primed the nation to receive it.

Sybil Exposed

Journalist Debbie Nathan is the author of Satan’s Silence

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  1. Anonymous # 3, Toronto, Canada

     /  11/04/2011

    Since you are not a professional psychotherapist what is your interest in disclaiming DID? And do you have the experience and credentials for that?


    • I am interested in discrediting DID because it simply doesn’t exist.

      DID has largely discredited itself, I’m just here to remind and educate people about the controversies about multiple personalities and to let them know there is another side of this diagnosis that 99% of people either don’t know, or refuse to acknowledge.

      No one needs credentials to recognize nonsense. Having a degree may, in fact, make it more difficult for someone to think rationally and logically.


  2. Fred Pauser

     /  09/30/2011

    Sounds good – looking forward to it!



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