FDA boasts of 35 drug approvals in past year amid criticisms

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November 4, 2011 By

As the chorus of critics of the FDA seems to grow louder every year, agency officials made sure yesterday that its uptick in drug approvals during the past year was known far and wide. The message seemed to rebut the claims of lawmakers and industry advocates that the agency’s chokeholds have prevented innovative new medicines from reaching the market.

The FDA said in a statement that its 35 drug approvals over its past fiscal year were among the most in a year during the past decade. As if to silence those who say overseas regulators are more supportive of new drugs than the FDA, U.S. regulators touted that 24 of the 35 approvals were made before other countries gave the drugs market green lights for those new meds, according to their statement.

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Can we expect new drugs and higher costs as old drugs go generic? Be mindful – your doctor may start offering you samples of new drugs on the market. Ask yourself why? Instead of being grateful that you just received a “free” sample of drugs you otherwise could not afford. Why a new drug instead of one known to be effective? Why put yourself in the first line of those being the ultimate testers of new drugs?

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