Half of health execs use patient satisfaction as physician incentive

by Karen M. Cheung

With quality performance tied to hospital reimbursements and revenue, leaders are using those same scores to decide how to pay their physicians. Fifty-seven percent of healthcare executives and clinical leaders use quality metrics as an incentive for physician compensation, with 50 percent now using patient satisfaction as incentives, according to a HealthLeaders Media report released this week.

“I believe there will always be productivity measures [for incentives]; however, there will continue to be a growing use of quality and patient satisfaction scores as incentives in compensation models,” said Dr. Alan Kaplan, vice president and chief medical officer of Iowa Health System, in the report….

“We foresee a transition from a straight-fee-for-service model to one that rewards the creation of value and management of a population’s overall health,” one administrator of a small health system said in the report.

The report also noted that more than a fifth (22 percent) of physicians had no or little say in creating their compensation models.

Full Story FireceHealthCare Retrieved 10/27/11.

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