Daughter Diagnosed with Multiple Personalities is Drugged by Mother

The Morning Bulletin of Rockhampton, Australia reports:

Mother drugged violent daughter

Emma McBryde | 13th December 2011

A ROCKHAMPTON woman drugged her daughter with Valium when the teenager, suffering from a multiple personality disorder, flew into rages and tried to cut herself and her siblings with a knife.

It was a desperate measure by a desperate mother often forced to turn to police and paramedics to help control her disturbed child.

One night when police arrived to assist the 41-year-old, officers went so far as to capsicum-spray the girl.

…Mr Polley said the young girl had heard voices telling her to kill herself, saw shadows of dead people and had nightmares which gave her panic attacks.On the evening police used capsicum spray and handcuffs to restrain her so paramedics could sedate her and transport her to hospital, they discovered from the girl that her mother had given her Valium.

…He placed her on a $500 reconnaissance and good behaviour period of 12 months.No conviction was recorded.

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