The Biology of Trust by Rene Reidl and Andrija Javor

The biology of trust: Integrating evidence from genetics, endocrinology, and functional brain imaging.
By Riedl, René;Javor, Andrija
Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, Nov 28 , 2011, No Pagination Specified.
Trust is among the most important factors in human life, as it pervades almost all domains of society. Although behavioral research has revealed a number of insights into the nature of trust, as well as its antecedents and consequences, an increasing number of scholars have begun to investigate the topic from a biological perspective to gain a deeper understanding. These biological investigations into trust have been carried out on three levels of analysis: genes, endocrinology, and the brain. Based on these three levels, we present a review of the literature on the biology of trust. Moreover, we integrate our findings into a conceptual framework which unifies the three levels of analysis, and we also link the biological levels to trust behavior. The results show that trust behavior is at least moderately genetically predetermined. Moreover, trust behavior is associated with specific hormones, in particular oxytocin, as well as specific brain structures, which are located in the basal ganglia, limbic system, and the frontal cortex. Based on these results, we discuss both methodological and thematic implications.
Retrieved 12/26/11.
I choose to share this abstract because trust is a huge issue with many aspects of trauma, namely betrayal trauma as put forth by Dr. J.J. Freyd.
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  1. T Quinn

     /  01/14/2012

    I think everybody has multiple personalities. Sometimes fantasy and imagination create them. Then why not sexual abuse or abuse of any kind. I feel like I have many different personalities and I know that I have made them up. And for the most part know why I have made them up. They help me cope, they protect me, and many of them support me when no one else in the world will. I have one personality can can read and speak French. I’m not sure how all of this works but it’s real in my life.


    • Hey T Quinn, Cool name, BTW.

      Are you addressing the fact that people have roles to play in the course of a normal day in their lives, or that people are displaying a pathological disorder.

      Using mathematics, could we deduce that if we all have multiple personalities, than no one does? It would cease to be an issue and the reverse, failing to have more than one personality, would be the pathology.

      That hit my funny bone. A world tipped upside-down!



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