Strengthening the DSM: Incorporating Resilience and Cultural Competence

 by Betty Garcia and Anne Petrovich
Review of book, by Rosenfarb, Irwin S.
PsycCRITIQUES, Vol 57(2), 2012, No Pagination Specified.
      The authors assert that by focusing on resilience and cultural factors, clients’ problems will come to be understood within their social milieu, and more effective treatments may be implemented.
       There are many positives to this short volume. The authors present a fair and balanced approach to understanding psychopathology, and each chapter includes a discussion of changes planned with the upcoming DSM–5.
      The case examples are rich in detail and well presented. The authors, though, may be trying to do too much in this short book; since each chapter includes an extensive discussion of both diagnostic and treatment issues, it’s unclear to whom this volume is directed.
      The reviewer agrees with the authors that the field needs to move away from a purely symptom-based approach to psychopathology and move toward an analysis of clients’ difficulties that is grounded in an examination of the larger social, political, and economic environments our clients live in.
      A weakness of the book, however, is that no general principles or theoretical processes are developed to provide that grounding.
retrieved 1/24/12.
This book seems to have potential. I am skeptical, as usual, that it will only pathologize human strengths by naming them “syndromes” or some such word. We’ll see.
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