Response to: “Assailing the Tender Age: Waging a Ghostly War on a National Level”

This is a response to a blog post by “X.Dell” about a particular family caught in the repressed memory craze that began in the mid 1980s. Follow this link: Waging a Ghostly War on a National Level,

Decades ago, recovering memories of sexual abuse was a pop-psychology craze. Psychotherapists & others believed that women suffered from depression, substance abuse, eating disorders and other illnesses because of sexual abuse that they could not remember.

Accusations of abuse became common as women flew into psychotherapy to heal their ills. In California, a child care center was leveled with bulldozers while prosecutors looked for underground tunnels that supposedly led to secret rooms of torture.

Sound like fiction? It isn’t.

Hate & fear grew within families – adult-children & parents were torn apart. Siblings fought about what really happened in their family. All the while, hate and fear grew and rumbled until its steam blew across America snagging hundreds of unsuspecting families in its wind tunnel.

“Waging a Ghostly War” is steeped in half-truths and creative editing of citations in an effort to incite negative emotions in readers. Why? Perhaps to bring that old steam of hate & fear back. Comments following the article show that this is indeed what was accomplished.

I left a comment on that blog. I simply reminded readers that this is a real family they are discussing – not a who-done-it board game played in a pub.

So I asked myself: What are the underlying motives of this article? Why publish this story in 2011, when it occurred decades ago? What is the ultimate and underlying message?

Returning to the article:

This article uses heavily edited emails allegedly written by Jennifer Freyd to her parents – mainly her mother, Pamela Freyd.

It is a long, tedious rant about this family, their history, and events that allegedly transpired between them. This is not a first-hand account and, therefore, is void of many facts. The aim seems to be to entice readers to render a verdict on whether or not sexual abuse took place.

A few questions: Where did the writer get the emails? Why was the writer given access to them? Why did the writer not feel compelled to contact the parents to get their side of the story before blogging about them? Why did the writer choose to heavily edit the emails?

Why? Because the story would have lost steam and would force readers to think and analyze the contents of the article – instead of reacting to it.

But I wanted answers.

I forwarded the link of the article to Dr. Pamela Freyd – the mother of this broken family. She is also the Executive Director of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. The foundation & it’s prestigious board of directors educated the public about memory & reality and subsequently broke the momentum of the sexual-abuse-accusation-machine that ran rampant so many years ago.

Pamela Freyd shared information about her family that the public may not know. With her permission, I offer it to you:

In an email to me she said:

“You can do anything with the material that you like.” She went on to say, “I wonder if it is time to add something to the discussion –

  • March 1987 – Jennifer and her husband asked that in the event of their deaths, we would be the legal guardians of their children.
  • many many loving emails from J until she got memories. (I have binders of material)
  • June 1990 – message wishing a happy father’s day and sending love
  • Dec 23, 1990 – Writes that her therapist is really good ….that she got herself into therapy before she was conscious of what was wrong. that her therapist raised the subject
Pamela Freyd was clear in her email that she “didn’t want to escalate anything” nonetheless, she is understandably tired of irresponsible publications like this that have assaulted her family for nearly 25 years.
So am I.
Revised 01/07/12.

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  1. I notice that Rose links to Ellen P. Lacter and the S.A.R.T web sites on her blog, so she is providing a big clue as to how her individual conspiracy theory obsessions work.

    Dr. Lacter is a lecturer for the Univerisity of Califomia, and spends a bit of time hunting for witches in her State during weekends.

    S.M.A.R.T of course is Neil ‘government-trained assassin’ Brick’s website, which includes gems like;

    ‘verification of the accuracy of the book “Michelle Remembers“by Michelle Smith and Lawrence Pazder, MD from the book “A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER” pages xi – xiii”’


    Indeed on S.M.A.R.T there isn’t a single instance of any satanic ritual abuse case being a falsehood – McMartin? Of course there were secret tunnels, and children being whisked away for abuse on hot-air baloons and supersonic aircraft. Indeed the whole setup was part of a CIA nationwide satanic Mind Control operation (run from a daycare centre on the edge of a highway with 70,0000 cars going past each day.) Ignore that one ‘victim’ has recanted and said everything he said was made up. The West Memphis Three? Guilty, ignore the evidence they weren’t. Gerald Amirault ? Guilty (and apprantly able to stab children with kitches knives without leaving an injury.) Paul Ingram? Ignore the Lawrence Wright book. Wenachee? It all happened.

    Indeed in S.M.A.R.T world no allegation can ever be false or daft. Look at Neil himself – a self-confessed trained government assassin and super-spy, tortured/trained by CIA satanists. Now there’s a reliable source.


  2. Rosie

    01/06/2012 at 3:00 am

    What do you think about the number of pedophiles that FMSwordF has helped?

    This is a variation of the famous “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

    As the Wiki page for ‘loaded questions’ details, this ‘classic’ loaded question has a limited number of responses;

    ‘Whether the respondent answers yes or no, he will admit to having a wife, and having beaten her at some time in the past. Thus, these facts are presupposed by the question, and in this case an entrapment, because it narrows the respondent to a single answer, and the fallacy of many questions has been committed.’


    What the original question probably refers-to is the idea, promoted by the likes of Sandra L. Blume, some feminists in the UK and UK and a number religious fundamentalists have pursued that the FMSF is one that exclusively supports pedophiles and is run as a satanic/CIA ‘front operation’. Much of nthis comes from the view that Ralph Underwager was a pedophle, following some comments he made and subsequently retracted. He resigned in 1991, but the conspiracy theorists have continued.

    However the view that the FMSF is a CIA front org for a global network of satanists/The Illuminati/New World Order/The Patriarchy (note the ‘Patriarchy’ and ‘The Illuminti’ are now merging into the same conspiracy-theory org in modern feminist eyes) persists.

    A key element in opposition to the FMSF, is that numerous advocates for repressed memory therapy believe that every single memory, even if it impossible, incredible, often easily proven to be false – such as alien abduction and fantastic tales of satanic ritual abuse, murder and cannibalim, are absolutely and unquestionably true. Even questioning the validity of such claims, to such True Believers in RMT, indicates the skeptic is a pedophile/satanist/CIA agent/alien/member of The illuminati or Patriarchy.

    I’m routinely accused of all or any of the above. Luckily, after a hard days work, I am able to relax by settling back into my UFO’s easy-chair, scoffing on some fried baby and spending the evening contemplating my nefarious plans whilst chatting with my CIA pals through telepathy.


    • avalon111.

      Thank you for the synopsis.

      I do not like to argue & debate people about the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

      I am Not a Foundation representative.

      I am Not even a False Memory Syndrome Foundation member! Never have been.

      Yet, if you read blogs that discuss me, rather that what I say, you will find a lot of information. Go back to Rosie’s blog – she left mine and went to hers and posted something like: Jeanette Bartha admits to knowing Pamela Freyd! (exclamation point not mine) A lengthily discussion follows with opinions that come from – who knows, a UFO pamphlet?

      I responded by saying that all the secrets that blogger found & reported to be buried in a dark crevice of the the Internet is available to anyone who finds boring details about me titillating. I was the writer that was cited… go figure. Shows me I am about as transparent as it gets.

      My regards and gratitude to you once more.

      Sorry, I don’t know why these caps & bold come up, wasn’t intentional, will fix later. JB
      Fixed it. Phew.


  3. What do you think about the number of pedophiles that FMSwordF has helped?


    • Hello Rosie,

      Your question is so loaded, I’ll let you tell me, and those reading your post, why you think the researchers and personnel at the False Memory Syndrome Foundation help pedophiles.

      Fair warning: I volunteered at the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. I know what goes on there. I know all about the integrity of those who work there.

      On your blog, you state: I created this blog to discuss and share how one can go through traumas and tragedies in life and come out the other side.

      The goals you address are very important & I applaud you for the time you take to educate women and to help them in their journey back to health.

      Your blog, can be most helpful to people doing all they can to recover from sexual assault & the trauma & horror that ensues. They need, and deserve, all the accurate information, and medical and psychological assistance society has to offer.

      I will make no further comments on what I find to be a ridiculous question.

      For future reference, you & your followers can go directly to the False Memory Syndrome Foundation website at

      If you prefer to speak to someone, you may contact its Executive Director, Dr. Pamela Freyd at 215-940-1040. The office is open Monday through Thursday – Eastern time.

      This information is posted on their website:

      The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization founded in March, 1992.

      1955 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103-5766
      Telephone: 215-940-1040, Fax: 215-940-1042.
      Pamela Freyd, Ph.D., Executive Director

      Best to you on your journey. Jeanette


  4. V

     /  10/13/2011

    It is totally impossible to know what really happened in any given situation, so I have no idea about the Freyds. However, I am grateful for the false memory syndrome foundation and I understand that Pam Freyd has done a lot to make that organization work. I think it has helped a lot of people, and the info was really helpful to me in understanding my own situation.

    Interestingly, as a child of a “multiple” I think that I have some perspective on what it might feel like to be falsely accused… I don’t think it’s totally possible to really understand such a thing, but I have some idea, because my mother often accused me of abuse. It wasn’t a constant thing, but when she’d be her child personality and pretend I was the parent personality, she’d often role-play abuse scenarios with me as a perpetrator. She also often accused me of abuse in times of conflict or when I’d act out as a young teen.

    I also saw her accuse my dad of abuse once… he never raised a hand to her. I’d say he was emotionally abusive, but the time that she made the accusation, the issue really was that he didn’t agree with her and she wanted to have the final word.

    My mother recovered memories of abuse by my grandfather (her father) but I don’t know if she ever directly accused him. I believe she told her siblings about what she remembered. If she accused her father, it was only once or twice. In contrast, she accused me of abuse thousands of times, although she would often take it back the next day (or, not really take it back, but rather pretend it never happened and act fine). I think it’s interesting that she would accuse a 10-14 year old girl of abuse repeatedly, even though it was supposedly her father who abused her. I am guessing that if she tried to accuse her father, he’d have argued, whereas I, as a child, just cringed in shame and tried to make it up to her. So, I was a better target for such accusations I think.

    Still, I think that to be accused and to have people believe and condemn you is probably a lot worse than intermittent ridiculous accusations. I have the luxury of knowing that the whole thing was ludicrous, and 99.9% of people would probably agree that the accusations against me were nothing but stupid. So, I think that it must be pretty unimaginable to go through such an accusation and a presumption of guilt (not to mention jail time, etc).

    Also, I think you were pretty strong to not make accusations when you were even 1% unsure. I am sure that if I had gone through therapy as a young child, I would have made up accusations if I thought that was what the doctor wanted. My way of coping with DID was to do whatever I thought my mother wanted and I am sure I would have done the same in a theraputic session. I am SO LUCKY I never saw a therapist as a child.


    • I agree that you are lucky you never saw a child therapist.

      Your recount of what you endured makes me cringe. I don’t know how you survived that as a young child and am impress at how articulate you are when you share snippets of your life. For your mother to use you as her target is shameful – not only for her behavior, but it was undoubtedly spurred on by therapy.

      I agree, to accuse her father, may have been met with a “What the hell are you talking about?” Following direct confrontations (in the case of those generated by decade delayed repressed memories) there is an unsettling time for all. The accused are confused as you were and the accuser then has to deal with the whirlwind they created. Yes, I am grateful that my mind, as pickled on drugs as it was, had enough sense and ethics to be sure of my memories before accusing anyone of abuse. I was clear about the impact it would have on my family so I had to be 100% sure and I never was – got close though. The facts just weren’t there, the memories were still illusive and my stories didn’t flow like other experiences I had. Thankfully I kept my mouth shut & kept searching for the truth. Which I never found in a repressed memory or an alter personality.

      You tell the real story – the secrets – that the multiple personality/DID proponents won’t tell. Your voice may be solo, but it is loud and you speak for many who cannot for one reason or another.


      • V

         /  10/16/2011

        I think that people are more resilient than doctors usually give them credit for. I think that the fact that so many DID patients eventually leave the diagnosis and get on with life shows that! It sounds like you were held in a mental hospital for years and subjected to a lot of really intense “treatments’ but still retained some part of yourself. I think it is pretty amazing how much people have been put through with DID and how they manage to recover, quickly or slowly.

        I can say that DID affected me in some areas, especially during my twenties. I was pretty messed up during those years, I would say. I just had such a sense of shame. By the time I graduated from high school I was so ashamed all the time, every day. Looking back, it seems so strange, because I was really just a kid and hadn’t ever done anything that terrible or even that interesting. But I think that the DID illness is built on shame and spreads shame. I am sure the abuse accusations played a role in that. And then I made more life choices based on shame, which led to more shame.

        I think that shame also played a role in my mother’s getting DID. I think she was so ashamed of who she was that she wanted to be someone different. She was very approval-motivated, and the doctors took advantage of that. I don’t think the therapy really helped to medicate the shame, however, it just came out as accusations, so the shame was spread around.

        The only people without shame are the DID therapists, I think.


        • Interesting your opinions about shame. I agree that DID is built on shame, secrets, and betrayal – mostly perceived rather than actual events. And I must agree that DID therapists are lacking shame and hefty on pride and personal accomplishment and fame.

          Agreed that people in general are more resilient than we give ourselves credit. I do not, however, agree that most DID patients eventually leave the diagnosis. I find it quite the opposite. I think it becomes an identity and a lifestyle built on years of self-deception and coercion from therapists and the psychiatric community.

          Give Debbie Nathan’s new book, “”Sybil Exposed” a read. It’s a historical account of the patient, the doctor, and the writer’s lives that is put into the social framework of the time that Sybil was contrived. It is chilling to know what Sybil’s therapist, Dr. Connie Wilbur, actually did to Sybil and how she made her living as a psychiatrist. The entire book is based on archives of material and personal interviews of people who knew these 3 women. I’d be interested to know what you think.


    • Regarding Pam Freyd. I am bias because I consider her a dear friend. Not many people know what she has done to educate professionals, families, laypersons, students, women questioning their memories, and anyone else who calls the FMS Foundation.

      In the early days of the Foundation’s inception, she quit her job and became the director – and did not take a salary for years. She worked every day talking to professionals, organizing volunteers and making it possible for everyone to have access to information. She is a one woman whirlwind. Her husband, Peter, works hard too, but is not as outspoken.

      Her main interest was to reunite her family, yet it has not happened. Nonetheless, the door will always be open.

      There have been thousands of families who have called the Foundation for help. I don’t know how she keeps going when the pain of losing her adult child is enormous. She lends an ear, but who lends one to her?

      It is my heartfelt hope that someday, someday, her family with reunite.



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