Science fair project on multiple personalities awards teenager with attendence at support conference

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Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Erin Ellis is a 14-year-old with a weighty topic she’ll be carrying first to Florida and then to Oxford.

By virtue of winning fourth place in her category at the Lewisburg Middle School Science Fair, Erin, an eighth-grader, and a good number of her classmates will advance to the next stage of competition — namely, a trip to the Mississippi Science and Engineering Region 7 Fair at Ole Miss in March.

With her topic of dissociation, she will attend An Infinite Mind’s “Healing Together,” an educational and support conference on dissociative identity disorder,

Marlene Steinberg, who wrote “The Stranger in the Mirror: Dissociation — The Hidden Epidemic,” will also be in Florida.

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I’ve been reporting on the rise in teenagers involvement with dissociative identity disorder – more commonly called multiple personalities, for quite some time. In those incidences, the increase in teen involvement was from the I-might-have-other-personalities point of view that is discussed Internet chat rooms. This is the first instance I’ve seen where a teenage child is gearing up to make the study of multiple personalities her career.
          Erin Ellis, age 14, was rewarded for her science-fair project with a trip to Lake Buena Vista, FL  for the An Infinite Mind’s “Healing Together” conference where Dr. Marlene Steinberg, co-author of Stranger in the Mirror: Dissociation – The Hidden Epidemic, published in 2001. Slated to attend the conference, Steinberg has a unique opportunity to make a lifelong impression on the 14 year old. Steinberg’s book, in my opinion, is a how-to publication on developing multiple personalities.
           A 14 year-old-child rubbing shoulders with the likes of Dr. Steinberg who enjoys status in the DID community, will undoubtedly find Erin star-struck. A second trip, one to Oxford University in England, was also awarded.
          This unfortunate recruitment of children who cannot adequately judge or critically examine the issues & controversies surrounding dissociative identity disorder/multiple personalities have a particular vulnerability to influence.
The next generation of researchers and proponents of the diagnosis of multiple personalities is born.

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  1. This is really sad. Now she’s caught in this positive feed-back loop, wasting her time dedicated to a debunked field. They’re sending her to an ‘An Infinite Mind’ conference where previous speakers have included Neil Brick, a guy who claims to have been brainwashed in MK-ULTRA, worked as an assassin for the Illuminati, was sodomized by military satanists, and believes that Michelle Remembers in a true story. They’re going to put a 14 year old girl in a room full of people who believe it is healthy to “recover” “memories” of violent incest and supernatural encounters that defy reality and cultivate delusion? This was supposed to have something to do with “Science”?


    • I know, a science “fair”. I don’t get it…

      I wonder what her parents are thinking beyond ain’t it great! If only parents would do some research on the Internet to find out what their children are into.



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