Film: “I am a Ghost” by H.P. Mendoza, Sports Restless Ghost with Repressed Memories

San Francisco, California, USA  Center for Asian American Media presents “I am a Ghost” from March 8 – 18th.

According to the Daily Californian, there will be around “120 works to the Bay Area, SFIAAFF is the nation’s cornerstone of independent Asian American cinema. .. that “has supported free-thinking filmmakers like Quentin Lee (director of this year’s opening night film “White Frog”) and H.P. Mendoza (the local filmmaker who helms “I am a Ghost”) since 1982”.

.“I am a Ghost” — Pacific Film Archive Theater, 3/10/12, 6:10 p.m. 

H.P. Mendoza’s film is about” a restless spirit whose repressed memories of murder are uncorked by a medium. “I had a terrible childhood,” Emily, who haunts a lavish Victorian mansion in some vacuum of time, tells the clairvoyant.

Every day, Emily relives the mundane routine of waking up in her lonely palace, psychotically frying eggs and then stabbing herself. Sometimes, she puts on a bonnet and picks sunflowers in the rain. Most of the time, she’s a shut-in.”

Retrieved 03/09/12. Full Story

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