“Set This House in Order: A romance of souls” by Matt Ruff: Protagonist has Multiple Personalities

Review from the blog: Literary Hoarders”Fantastic!  What a book!

This wildly intelligent and immensely entertaining novel by Matt Ruff just catapulted into my favorites list.  I thought I enjoyed his book Bad Monkeys, but this one was even better.  Matt Ruff’s imagination has no limit, and his writing flows effortlessly.

Not sure where to begin — this isn’t an easy book to summarize.  The story pivots around Andy Gage, who was born in 1965 and eventually ‘murdered’ by his stepfather.  During his death, Andy’s soul shattered into pieces, creating what we know as Multiple Personality Disorder.  Shortly after starting this book, you learn that the main characters are all in Andy’s head.  Each character, Andrew, Aaron, Adam, Aunt Sam, Jake, Sefaris, Gideon… have their own distinct persona, and their own… talents.  When the body is calm, Andrew is at the helm.  When the body is threatened,  Sefaris takes over.  … Depending on which soul surfaces, logic, anger, heartbreak or humor can come about.”

Retrieved 03/12/12. Read full review http://literaryhoarders.wordpress.com/tag/multiple-personality-disorder/

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