We can’t cope, say mental health workers: Australia

`WE NEED MORE RESOURCES’: Union delegate Wayne Watts and mental health workers at a stop-work rally at Geelong Hospital yesterday.

 LOCAL mental health services are ‘ruthlessly’ discharging clients into the community because they do not have the resources to meet growing demand, workers claim.
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  1. Mandy

     /  04/14/2012

    I enjoy reading your blog. I am in recovery from years of ‘therapy”. Having the diagnosis of DID, MPD or whatever you want to call it, is a road that leads to know where. I spent twenty plus years in the pursuit of healing and thousands of dollars for worthless therapy.
    I don’t understand how or why but like you I lost my ability to function and reason within reality. About fourteen months ago I walked away because it was a bottomless pit, today I don’t know what the truth is about my past and I am okay with that. I do believe that a small percentage of people actually have mpd but in today’s society it has become the new fade or escape…..


    • Oh my, Mandy. I’m delighted you were able to get out of bad therapy. In the hundreds of comments posted here, you are the first to figure out therapy leads to nowhere. Thank you for sharing your story it will help many others. If you want to write more, let me know and you can have a post all to yourself – people need to hear from people like you. They tire of listening to me and have fun out of foul words to call me. lol

      It will take awhile to figure out what happened to you and to sort things out. I hope you have support system of people who care about you outside of those you knew in therapy.

      If you are interested, go to my reading list. Start with McHugh, Singer, and Ofshe. They address this therapy and tell you what you can expect.

      Be well. It’s a one foot in front of the other – for me too – so get some good sneakers, perhaps we will meet again along the way. Be well.


  2. Altus

     /  04/12/2012

    Deborah, I do hope you heal. I don’t want speak for Jeanette, but I don’t think people are saying they are “fake.” or that people fake them. They are considered to be a product of “iatrogenesis” that means brought on by the therapy that is meant to cure them. They are very much felt and experienced by the client and therapist. The question is do the very therapies and therapists that say they can identify and cure them actually enhance the very condition they are alleging to address. Most of all, is it healthy to be treating people in such a way? I defer to the editors of DSM in this matter who say that people should focus on here and now instead of identifying personalities and dwelling in the past.

    Again, my best to you. Altus


    • Altus, I think that multiple personalities can become a way of expression for some people without therapy. This diagnosis and treatment has been around for over 25 years (since it’s explosion in the mid 1980s) and a part of pop culture.

      Read some blogs that I’ve listed on my post about websites etc. Women (and few men) truly believe multiple personalities exist. I think we all have different facets of ourselves however each part does not deserve or need a name. Once we assign names and section off parts of ourselves it’s easy to become multiple.


      • Altus

         /  04/12/2012

        Thanks, Jeanette. You know far more on the subject than I do. It’s horrible that you went through the whole process but very helpful to others that you can document it and also speak from experience. It’s a fine line to walk between speaking out against a unhealthy phenomenon that seems have swept through this country in two decades and caring for those might have gotten swept into it whether through therapy or beliefs. More voices need to be heard like yours.


        • Thank you, Altus for your kindness. I don’t get much support for my experiences with psychiatry and most people who define themselves as multiple just don’t get my message no matter how many different ways I say it.

          I am passionate about educating mental health consumers about potential hazards and pitfalls that are at epidemic proportions in the psychology industry. Like me long ago, those caught in it’s claws cannot see or comprehend the damage that can occur.

          I become overwhelmed sometimes when I read posts left here when I learn the extent that some people are submerged in destructive psychotherapy like I was. I only thought I was abused and yet felt unbearable pain during treatment. I cannot imagine having really been sexually abused and the pain one must endure for a lifetime. I am fortunate that the harm I sustained was from a incompetent psychiatrist rather than a sexual predator.

          This blog and the hard opinions I have about psychotherapy and the non-existence of multiple personalities becomes difficult as I try to balance offering information while trying to be empathic as I read the experiences of others when I see them making the same mistakes that I did.


          • Altus

             /  04/13/2012

            I have some thoughts about how some people get so submerged. Doctor’s authority is one reason, but when the doctor is arrogant and cold sometimes folks are able to get some distance and doubt into the equation and question the entire process. When the therapist is a kind-hearted type, I think the process can be just as, if not more so, destructive, because there is not distance. It’s easier to distance from someone whose personality is a bit abrasive than someone who takes you by the hand, cries with you, encourages the story with how “brave” you are, etc. What these therapists don’t realize is without corroborating evidence they may be encouraging their patients to go further down the dark rabbit hole because the darker the story becomes the more caring the therapist can be. Human memory is very complex. Getting someone to recall an incident from childhood and assigning that “personality” a name invites all sorts of things that should not, IMHO, be done in the name of “healing.”

            Wouldn’t it be far better to focus on dealing with the challenges of today and growing and connecting instead of submerging someone in the hell of recalling things often for years?


        • p.s. @ Altus, I find it interesting that you find my experiences useful and others want me to publish peer-reviewed articles to prove before I will be taken seriously.

          I find that people want respect and to be taken seriously yet they do not offer me the same. Why is that?


          • Altus

             /  04/13/2012

            To answer your question, Jeanette, you are a lightening rod for all sorts of emotions. They war of memories plays out here. I am just glad that you allow the space for discussion. In my short time here I have found you to have a lot of patience and ability to engage those with opposing views.

            There will always be those who move the goalpost. “I can’t believe what you say because you…” Arguments and logic should stand on their own not on a “you.” In my book you make a good case against harmful therapies. You cite sources and facts and are able to coherently make your point. If others want to do so, you are open to them whether they agree with you or not. You have given a ton of space here to opposing views. I find this blog helpful and informative.


          • Appreciate the feedback, Altus. Opinions will always be welcome here.


  3. Just seeing the phrase that ” Multiple Personalities Don’t Exist” makes me sick, and want to scream at the ingorance of not only people, but the doctor’s who are allowed to practice.

    I worked at a facility called “ASCA” which is Adult Survivors of Child Abuse” , and yes I had people actually coming in that pretended to be a multiple. This angered me as all they had done was read a few books, and then come in, and play these parts, or I should say they tried.

    Never did any of them get past me, but at the time I thought it was only due to this being my speciality, and tking care og 2 that were no doubt at all multiple women.

    As time went by I entered therapy for myself as I was having many problems now that I had stopped drinking after many years. I had no memory of my life except for the day I just woke up at that AA meeting sitting in that chair listening to others talk about birthday’s, holidays, their lives. I had no such recall. I had what I called “flicks’ Just a part of maybe going somewhere, but not leaving or arriving. No start or end, or just a middle at times.

    I knew my Mother had a weird way of acting, but to me that was just my Mother, but she was like a different person with each of the 5 children, and it was confusing to see her go from laughing to being so mean when my brother left, and just ignoring me like I didn’t exisi. Then my sister would walk in, and she was this other Mother to her, the Best Mom. I didn’t see this then this is all now from me going back deep into my childhood, going to visit my Mom, and seeing it rehappen over, and over.

    The other thing I never thought was weird was my closet, and what was in it. The clothing styles were all so very different, and looked like many women owned that closet. They also were many different sizes. New tags on things, and I don’t know how they got there, but it didn’t worry me for some odd reason. I also had a blanket on the floor, coloring book, crayons, and a teddy bear.

    I was very playful at times, and would show up at my grandsons on roller skates, and blowing bubbles. I would climb up in the trees. Of course my daughter would get upset as to what the neighbors wouod think, and made me come down.

    Finally after 3 years of therapy, and no memory I took the advice of my therapist, and started to draw.
    This is when it all started to come out. I sat down, and was just drawing circles many of them, and before I knew it 1 1/2 hour had passed, and when I looked down what I saw frightened me so badly I did have to call my therapist.

    I finally asked the big question to Ken, as he was not one to put lables on people. He asked me “Why do you want to know? Do you want to go on Oprah?” I said no laughing, but that I know it’s something, and need to name it. You know how I am if I have something then I need to beable to read up on it as much as possible. I also want to add here I still have been wearing my sun glasses.

    He spoke those words “Multiple Personality ” i yelled out no I can’t do it. He had all ready seen 35, and said so. I told him to call Social Services as I was not fit to take care of them all or any of them for that matter. My life was really becoming unmanageable, and then some. I never knew what to expect next, how I would feel, or like someone else was in control of me, and I was only looking through my eyes as they did what ever they wanted to do.

    I was finally put back together again with the help of not only ZKen, but Nancy had to be brought in as well. I had to be completely reparented from scratch as I had never had any. I was finally able to function, and was living a great life, working as a nurse again. Life was great.

    Then in 2005 i had to have a back surgery, and the doctor did the wrong one, used the wrong hardware, and I was not given any pain medication after the surgery. Also what heavy narcotics I had been on were not to have been taken away from me as it took over a year to find something we could take. My Pain Management Doctor had talked to this doctor, and he had promised. I went to him as he was his family doctor.

    I laid there yellling, and screaming, but no one would come, and help me. The doctor never came to see me. My daughter finally got in touch with him, and told him off so his PA came in on day 2, and just looked at me, and said “just pust the black button” I responded as I was screaming in such unmanageble pain “I can’t the machine is behind the door”! He turned around saw where it was, and turned white. He said “I will have the nurse in here ASAP, but that would be another 4 hours in the coming.

    Why do I tell you about this? PTSD on top of my already PTSD from childhood, adolesence, adulthood, and roll it all into one you end up with a very broken person. This is not counting the Rehab Hospitqal they sent me to, and gave me medications I was allergic to, refused to tell me what they were giving me which is against the law.

    So by the time I left there I had no memory, I couldn’t spell at all, and the way I talked was so
    strange, but I knew it. I couldn’t do anything about it. The pain was never ending, I couldn’t
    walk, and was dumped in a tiny single apartment for the next 3 years. I had finally calledd Ken
    and he said that I had been shattered so to speak, and also that new ones had come up the we didn’t even know yet, preverbal.

    Well I am worn or just having to walk down that path telling this story. I had someone send me an e-mail saying that we don’t exist, well watch out there are more people with MPD walking among us everyday that just go without being dx by doctors because it is against there schooling, trainging, or they fear what their peers will think of them.

    Oh just one last story to prove that point. I worked at St Mary’s Hospital “Passages” a unit for
    seniors with Mental Health Disorderrs. I had this wonder female patient that was in a wheelchair
    when she came to the dining room. Then that evening a man came to the dining room in a suit
    carring a brief case claiming to be a Criminal Lawyer. Her voice was much different, and she talked of her cases as if they were real, and she sounded as if she knew what she was talking about.

    Then the next time I saw her she had on this long house coat, and was making her bed putting all these stuffed animals on it that none of us had ever seen before. Of course I left out that she did not have the same name when she was in each different outfit, personality. There were more as well.

    I told all this to her doctor, and he scoffed it off calling it demitia, and I sprang bak with “It’s no more denita that the man in the moon. Why are you so dead set against her being what I just told you, and you show me anywhere that it says a person with demits will do what she does. Her voice changes, hand writing, and facial features! What does that have to do with the mind”? He just stood there looking at me, and turned on his little boots that had 5 inch heels added to give him the height of 5’5, and walked towards her room.

    I have many many stories on this that I has seen, and also lived. So if anyone thinks it is not REAL
    ask any of us who have to live with this horrible thing daily. I do say horrible as at time like now for me I am trying still to get put back together. I am still not myself, and all the little ones, scared ,
    frighted, terrified ones are up. I am back in therapy again. My therapist of many year got a new lung
    that is wonderful, but it’s also like we lost Mom as she has been with us for over 19 years.

    We love you Nancy Flinn, and Ken Kingsbury. Thank you for our first real life.

    Debbie, and The Gang


    • Hello Debbie and thank you for sharing your painful experiences with us.

      I had similar experiences when I believed my psychiatrist and began to see my life through the lens of someone with multiple personalities. Like you, my ability to function disintegrated. Because people disintegrate, regress, and become unable to function when having multiple personalities, how can it be useful?

      Once one personality is discovered, years are spent in therapy where more and more personalities are found, split again and form new ones. When does it stop? I find this diagnosis and treatment to be fatal and it saddens me to know you went from being a nurse to being a patient for so long. I hope you are able to pull yourself out of the depths of your emotional state and once again follow your career as a nurse or anything else other than full-time patient. Best to you.



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