Twilight Rapist

Update on a case of the multiple personality defense.

The Huntsville Item reports:

Convicted rapist testifies

By Cody Stark

HUNTSVILLE, Texas, USA — “Convicted rapist Billy Joe Harris tried to convince the court he was insane when he took the stand in his burglary of a habitation with intent to commit aggravated sexual assault trial Thursday.”

“What Harris did not talk about were the events from 2009 to 2010 that earned him the nickname the, “Twilight Rapist,” and led to a life sentence for his conviction of the aggravated sexual assault of a disabled elderly woman in Edna. He also said that he had no memory of allegedly breaking into the residence of an elderly Marquez woman and attacking her in July 2009 …” Harris did remember parts of his childhood and military service that the defense is claiming led to his developing multiple personality disorder, which is the key to his plead of not guilty by reason of insanity.”

“The state thought it was convenient that Harris could not remember anything about the aggravated assault in Edna nor the burglary in Marquez on Thursday. The prosecution read back the defendant’s testimony during the Edna trial which showed that Harris claimed one of his other personalities was in a consensual relationship with the Edna victim.

The state also argued that Harris was only claiming to be insane after his other defense tactics failed.”

Retrieved 4/13/12. Full story:

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  1. Altus

     /  04/13/2012

    Did you get the story on MPD/DID “expert” Colin Ross during this trial? He testified Harris had MPD, then it turns out Ross had given Harris’ attorney the test to administer.

    “Ross testified that he gave the defendant three tests for DID. However, in a most unusual procedure, rather than personally administering the tests, he gave them to the defense attorney to administer. Thus, he has no way of knowing for sure who filled in the tests, or under what circumstances.”

    Then Ross says, “I don’t think he’s faking the dissociative identity disorder,” he testified. “I could be wrong.”


    • jeanettebartha

       /  04/19/2012

      If you don’t use science, there is no need to be rigorous about scientific data collection, eh?



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