Morton Henry Prince, M.D. 1854-1929 on Multiple Personalities

Morton Henry Prince, M.D. 1854-1929 was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He was a physician (neurology) and a psychologist.

Specialty:  neurology and abnormal psychology defined as psychopathology i.e. a mental disorder with maladaptive behavior.

Interests: disintegrated personality, dissociated personality, hypnosis, hysteria, hysterical neurasthenia, multiple personality, psychology of sudden conversion, secondary personality, sudden religious conversion, subconscious writing, suggestibility, unconscious, the normal self.

Most Noted for: a biological study of “Miss Sally Beauchamp” who was in treatment for seven years.

Abbreviated Accomplishments:

1879 Harvard Medial School, medical degree

1906 Journal of Abnormal Psychology. A founder and editor until 1929.

1911 American Psychological Association, First President

1927 Established Harvard Psychological Clinic

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