Pharmaceutical Drugs for Sale on the Internet: Beware

I find entertainment and interest in odd corners of life – that may not come as a surprise.

The longer this blog lives, the more my spam folder gets stuffed with drug ads. The drugs for sale are goofy, blatantly questionable, and I wonder who buys them over the Internet? Not a question I’m likely to pursue, nonetheless I find it interesting that people will buy these drugs without knowing much, if anything, about them.

Internet drugstore

Internet drugstore (Photo credit: nicolasnova)

Why do people resort to the Internet to purchase drugs – or medications if you prefer to call them? Wait a second. These pills are pharmaceutical compounds – they are drugs giving them a medical sounding name like medication is a fluffy word used by the medical industry to play on your trust and vulnerability. I will call these pharmaceutical compounds drugs, because that is exactly what they are no matter what other word you prefer to call them.

So why do people purchase drugs over the Internet from companies or individuals whom they do not know? Could it be embarrassment, shame, or other emotions we may not want to share with our family Or with our doctor (if we are privileged to have one). Or is it the “pre-existing” condition clause of most health care providers in the United States that keeps patients from changing insurance providers if it is known that we have an already diagnosed condition.

Not having the option to change, or obtain, health care coverage keeps people in jobs we would prefer to change. It keep us stuck in a failing system where we have to keep that low-paying unfulfilling job in order for our children or spouse to have health care.

We all know the ridiculously high cost of drugs in the United States. People cut pills in half, miss doses, or go without pharmaceutical interventions that would alleviate pain and other medical issues because we can’t afford the drugs our doctor prescribes – perhaps eating or having heat in the winter is more of a priority than one little heart pill. Decisions like these are made over morning coffee every day.

I’ll jump over the outrage that I have because people are forced to make these life-altering decisions and move right to asking you to look at what buying pills on the Internet may do to you – and subsequently your family and friends who love you.

A few questions about the drugs available on the Internet:

Who manufactures them?

What are the ingredients?

What country produces them?

Are they compliant with your country’s standards?

What are the “inactive ingredients” – fillers, additives, coloring, dyes?

What dose should you take?

Why are they cheaper than a pharmacy?

Who pays for the cost of running an Internet website?

Who ships the drugs to you?

Does your medical doctor, spouse, or family know you are buying black-market drugs?

Lastly, how will those who love you feel if you take one of these drugs and die? Yep, die is what I asked.

By taking a closer look at the spam folder for this blog and scrutinizing the drugs peddled, I am finding social trends either real or fabricated. I find that men seem to need help with erections and that women need help with depression and we all are anxious. Is this news? Not particularly – until you look at the massive campaigns to push these drugs on desperate people. Who is behind these campaigns?

Internet drug campaigns would not exist if there were no buyers – and no buying of black-market drugs is what I suggest. I know the arguments about not being unable to afford drugs, about needing food or shelter and low cost drugs, or the embarrassment of letting someone know you need psychiatric drugs. But choosing the alternative of the black-market drugs is not a viable answer, is it?

Below I will list only the drug descriptions that fly into my spam folder so you, too, can see what drugs are being pushed on you – by using me a lowly blogger. I will not disclose who or what website is selling them.

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