Multiple Personalities & Dissociative Identity Disorder: Training Videos

The Pottergate Centre

for Dissociation & Trauma

United Kingdom

A Logical Way of Being

This training video is available priced at;
Non ESTD Member at £35 per copy (up to 3) + £3.49 P&P
ESTD Member at £25 per copy (up to 3) + £3.49 P&
A Logical Way of Being is an information and training DVD which provides an introduction to dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.) and other complex dissociative disorders. It gives the viewer information about their primary features, together with some understanding of their origins in early traumatic attachment and abuse experiences.
You will gain insight into what it is like to live with D.I.D. and be introduced to the support needs of these individuals and the role of psychotherapeutic treatment.D.I.D. and a similarly presenting dissociative disorder not otherwise specified (D.D.N.O.S.) are thought to be more common than the current low rates of diagnosis in the UK would suggest.
Even after being correctly diagnosed individuals have difficulty finding or accessing the help, therapy and support they need. This introductory training resource will help health, mental health, social care and related workers in all sectors and at all levels have a better understanding; use their existing skills and knowledge to better support individuals who have or may have D.I.D. or D.D.N.O.S; and be encouraged to learn more about the conditions, their assessment and how to provide the treatment and support needed.
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