Multiple Personality Defense Fails: Michigan, USA

Farwell man’s rape conviction upheld

The Morning Sun

Isabella County, Michigan, USA


Wednesday, June 13,2012

Michigan Court of Appeals judges have upheld the rape and kidnapping convictions of a Clare County man …In an unpublished opinion Wednesday, judges said Justin Todd Gaskill, 31, of Farwell did not present a compelling case for an insanity defense during his September 2010 trial in Gladwin County….

..“The crux of the defendant’s petition was that a voice named ‘Jim’ either committed the offenses or made defendant commit them.” …While the psychologist that evaluated Gaskill determined that his description of the voice was “highly consistent with unsophisticated malingering,” the judges wrote.

…That conclusion was reached after Gaskill fluctuated “between describing psychosis and dissociative identity disorder, which are two different mental illnesses, the judges wrote.

….Because there was substantial evidence indicating Gaskill was not insane, “a reasonable trial lawyer could conclude that pursuing the insanity defense was counterproductive and, for that reason, abandon any reliance on it,” the judges wrote.

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  1. Sheri Storm

     /  06/14/2012

    “unsophisticated malingering” – – I like that term!
    Three cheers for illustrative proof that there really are
    intelligent, reasonable and responsible judges out there.


    • @Sheri, yes, judges know quite a lot about mental health because they’ve had to learn. Professional organizations have refused to police their members, so patients and their families have had nowhere to go for help but the courts. That is why we see such a difference of the awards given from juries. Some are int he 10s of millions, most not.



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