Mental involuntary treatment at home instead of hospital proposed

Malta, a southern European country in the Mediterranean, announced the following through the Times of Malta.
“Patients with mental health problems who have to undergo involuntary treatment will be able to remain in the community rather than in a hospital, under a new law.

For the first time, involuntary treatment – that is forced upon patients for their benefit – will be able to take place at the patient’s home if the patient is deemed fit.”

The patient-centred law gives the patient the right to be involved in drawing up the care plan. It reduces the time of involuntary observation time from 28 days to 10 days ..

Retrieved 06/19/12. Full Story


I hear the protesters in the United States already. Advocates for inpatient hospitalization for multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, internal systems will likely argue against such a proposal for the following reasons:

  • Treatment for DID is intense
  • There is no professional oversight on a 24 hour basis
  • What if the patient is suicidal?
  • It will not work when a patient is  actively self-mutilating such as cutting their body that can potentially create serious medical emergency or other medical interventions like suturing the cut.
  • Suicidal patients will not be safe
  • What if the patient has a protector personality up front? Will the others be safe? In English, that means: What if a particular personality called “a protector” that exists to keep all the other personalities safe during a perceived threat or other feelings erupt. The term “out front” means the alter personality being presented to the outside world.
  • Who will cook meals
  • The isolation will not be good as there will be no one to interact with
  • Will my therapist visit?
  • What is to keep a patient from leaving and running away?
  • Who will dispense medication?
  • What’s to keep a destructive or suicidal alter from taking all the pills in the house?

Did I leave out anything?

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  1. Altus

     /  06/20/2012


    A lot of this DID therapy just sets up a scenario where people’s worst fears are given a space to play out. There is no reality check….you gain the attention of the therapist by going deeper and deeper into the fears. For women what could be a worse fear than killing her own child? Well, eating it, of course. It’s gets that bad and these bat-chit crazy therapists sit back and encourage this stuff…sometimes in group settings.

    Arachnophobia is one of the top irrational fears people hold…spiders showed up as a top torture technique in a Washington State Survey on repressed memories among 69% of 183 cases surveyed. When have you ever heard of a single case of a person being systematically tortured by spiders in the news? That ought to be a tip off right there. It’s not reality, it’s the fear driving this therapy and driving its victims (patients) deeper and deeper into their own hellish narratives (shaped by their own personal fear stories) facilitated by inept therapists.


  2. Jessica

     /  06/20/2012

    its all very sad. i never could understand the programming sra beliefs. Though i have read enough true crime novels to know how deranged people can be and i figure it is possible that a seriously deranged person could do something like sra, i dont believe it can be as prevalent as it seems to be depicted by the did community.


  3. Jessica

     /  06/19/2012

    i dont get why there has to be “dissociation” wards. If someone downs a bottle of pils they should be hospitalized regardless of there diagnosis. They should worry more about stable vs unstable and deal in the present.


    • Jessica, the units were specifically erected for the purpose of treating multiple personality disorder/dissociative identity disorder. At the time, women were hospitalized but it did not necessarily correspond to an event like a suicide gesture. Often it was for “safety” because an alter may have threatened to kill off “the body”. Halloween, a time when believed to celebrate satanic ritual was another time that “multiples” were hospitalized for “protection” against satanists who may try to abduct the woman or somehow try to contact her because she was programmed to kill herself instead of telling the secrets of cult behavior.

      Dealing with the present as you suggest is outside the treatment and theories of MPD/DID. Most of the time the patient and therapist are living in the past while reliving and/or searching for evidence of abuse. The here=and=now time is spent mapping out the system of alter personalities and figuring out which personality has what function in the course of a day, week, month. If there is any time left over, many women are playing with dolls, watching children’s videos, coloring, or journaling. Not much time left to live in the real world or plan for a future therapy=free.


  4. It was actually dissociation units within hospitals that were closed down. It’s hard to say why. One reason could have been the rise of legal wrangling they wanted to avoid; another the fact that those running the programs were in litigation; another may be the drop in patients.

    I had 100% insurance coverage when I began what came to be a 2 year hospitalization. Insurance companies have social worker types on staff, I think. Problem is, if the people working for the insurance companies don’t keep on their toes and realize that the same old therapy is simply being repackaged, they won’t know it – but they should.

    So don’t wonder why your insurance premiums are up and or nonexistent.


  5. Altus

     /  06/19/2012

    Hmm…not sure how this will help the eating disorder DID situations. Castlewood is residential and flies in people in from all over the country. They make it look like a an inviting country club, but it sounds like anything but for those who endured their DID hell therapy.

    You would think the insurance companies would demand these places use evidenced-based practices instead of these half-baked untested “parts” therapies which are an open invitation for a DID diagnosis in vulnerable people.

    A lot of the whacked stuff that is going on now is non-residential as well. I was reading a blog the other day where the therapist was inducing alters in their office.The blog writer saw this therapist as a hero…to a real mental health professional this would send shivers. Of course after the therapy, the patient is a mess and goes to his or her blog to write about it. This is not mental health, people!!! You shouldn’t be going down a hell hole FROM the therapy. These DID folks as a profession deserve a lot more scrutiny for the insurance dollars they are eating up.

    That said, this law would have helped in your case, and for the few hospitals that may do this still. My understanding is though, after the a flood of lawsuits, these MPD/DID hospital depts were closed down. But perhaps you can elaborate?



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