Questions & Comments People Have About Multiple Personalities & Dissociative Identity Disorder

I do a lot of Internet research – not a surprise. I continuously come across questions posed to groups, websites, in comments, and in forums that clearly demonstrate how illiterate and uneducated the general public is regarding dissociative identity disorder and multiple personalities.

This post will simply list questions that I come across to illustrate my point. I will not be offering links or the identity of people or sources to protect their identity.

The problem goes much deeper. These questions are usually posed to groups or organizations that support dissociative identity disorder and the development of multiple personalities. The person posing the question receives both an answer that corresponds with the DID/MPD mind-set as well as support, encouragement, & frequently a diagnosis from members of the forum or group.

What occurs next is that the person posing the naive question begins to be indoctrinated into the multiple personality belief system and lifestyle. After a short time, the questioner become convinced they, too, have multiple personalities because they either present the group with symptoms consistent with the disorder or they learn about symptoms from just being in the group or organization.

It concerns me that a growing number of teens are finding these websites and blogs intriguing. They have no idea what psychic pain lies ahead. Constant reinforcement, recruitment, and attention is so freely offered, it mush become difficult for a vulnerable girl of 15 years to resist.

Below are questions & statements:

  • I am a 17 year old female, diagnosed with PTSD and depression following sexual trauma a few years ago. … Is it possible that I have Dissociative Identity Disorder?
  • dissociative identity disorder eye changes when an alter comes out
  • multiple personality disorder and mapping the system
  • practitioner that deals with repressed memory work in sydney
  • Does this sound like MPD? I think I may have some kind of DID, … I don’t have any blackouts. But as far as memory loss I only remember the most important pieces of the day … So far they’re are about 3-4 personalities that I don’t really have names for.
  • can alter personalities have same family backgrounds?
  • therapist told me i have multiple personalities
  • how dangerous are incest victims with multiple personalities
  • what do they prescribe for multiple personalities
  • how to heal my adolescent son’s double personality
  • I have DID also known as Multiple personality disorder. Trying to find others with same disorer  [sic] for a support circle.
  • are multiple personality smarter than others?
  • can you call out multiple personalities?
  • workers comp settlements for pshycological [sic] traumas
  • does exploring alters enable/make them worse?
  • Can you have false memories/thoughts?
  • there are memory tests that can prove amnestic {sic} barriers between alters, and there are other tests that prove dissociation, like the Structured clinical interview, DES
  • do multiple personality sufferers have fatigue?
  • i have different handwriting styles
  • did the woman of dr. phil really have multiple personalities?
  • can people with disasociative [sic] identity disorder raise thier [sic] children
  • can you have more than one dissociative disorder
  • dr jekyll and mr hyde mental
  • Am I Bipolar or Dissociative? Unsure of my own realities in love.?
  • i cut for attention dissociative identity disorder
  • Can false memories be helpful in healing the person’s view of themselves  in the present?
  • patients giving stories of theri [sic] multilpe [sic] personalities or alter
  • as psychiatrist we welcome anyone with multiple personality disorder free of charge
  • parent has multiple personalities
  • i miss my therapist
  • I have become very intrigued by dissociates! It seems like a whole new realm to explore.
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  1. I can’t even believe the ignorance of doctor’s, psychiatriac’s, and

    I so many other’s not only in the medical field.

    I wanted to laugh at the part where it say’s that a person working with a patient that has MPD, and that they start to think or think they are one too!

    Who in God’s name would ever what to have this disorder? What they think it’s fun, exciting, cool, as there is NOTHING COOL about this disorder at all!!!!!!

    It is the most horrible way to live for most on a second to second basis. To not be in control of self is not something anyone should want to have, and with this it’s even worse as one has the “fruges” which are a form of a black out while the others take over, or one does. The person who had MPD
    at times is like in the background loooking out with their eyes, and unable to stop the actions of the one who is up.

    I am a nurse, and yes I worked in a special unit the first even in California. A doctor had opened it, and called it A.S.C.A., “Adult Survivors of Child Abuse”. I had many patient that did come in pretending to have Multiple Personal Disorder, D.I.D was not used back in 1989.

    I would have to ask the patient many questions when admitting then to the unit. I had one woman who was pretending to be a multiple, and I looked right at her, and said “How many books have you read on the subject, and do you really think it’s a fun way to live. It’s not, it frighting, crazy making, can make you totally disabled, and unable to function to society. I had many ways of telling a person with MPD, and one that didn’t. It doesn’t take much to see one in front of you if you are a trained professional, and not just going along with what you were taught or your beliefe system.

    One of the biggest things that give them away is their eyes. They usually are not aware of it at all, and keep rollong their eyes, blinking them, and this is due to them trying to stay present. No they are not aware of it at all. Also their pupils will be extremly pin point as well. Even in a room where the lighting is very dim. The other, and I always have them bring it on the first visit is a journal.

    The writinbg maybe the same for a period of time, or it may change within words to words. Again we all must remember there are no two person with D.I.D. who are the same. When you start talking to them after a period of regular sessions, and they become more comfortable with the therapist then you will start to see the different personalities. They do not trust, and so they will not let anyone know that there are more than what you see sitting in front of you.

    I had a patient that wore her sun glasses for three years, and then oneday she took them off. I just said “Hello” , and she responded in a different way, as if she was just meeting me for the first time, but the one who had been seeing me for over three years was still in control. I had thought I was so good at this until I met her. I had specialized in the arear for over 20 years, and was even asked to speak around the country, and at schools about the subject. Did she ever have me fooled.

    I knew she was an incest survivor, and that already told me so much. We were talking oneday, and the subjecft of hypnosis came up as she still had not had any memories of her life until she woke up at the age of 36 in a AA meeting. TShe had what she refered to as “Flicks” A start of a memory, and then no end, or a middle, but no start. She had one memory, and told me it was when she was little,and camping with her parents. She was sitting on her Mom’s lap, and their was this big, big “Bonfire” she called it, and everyone had on black coats, and were singing “You are My Shine”
    She said they adults were all walking around, but only her Mother sat on the ground with her in her lap, and then she said they had on “Pea Coats”.

    Just looking at the language itself told me something about who was telling me this story. It was someone in their teens, as “Pea Coats were worn when she herself was 13-14 years old. I do think the one in front of me was 16 years old, and later I was informed I was right,

    She then asked again about the hyponsis, and I replied ” I could have you out like this”, and snapped my fingers. She laughed, and said no way! I asked if whe wanted to try it, and she said “Yes”. She laid down on the couch, and within seconds she was under. I won’t go in to all that was said, but this was one of the ways I worked with her, and I only listened, and had taught her how to wake up on her own.I had also made a tape recording of how I help to go to that place when ever she wanted, and she listened to it, but had it memorized in only a day. She would use this for years to come.

    When she came in she was always Barbara, and after a few seconds would remove her earings, and one would come out, and start talking to me. We played cards, and other things for each of them that would come to visit. She had never had any parenting or even learnded how to really do life, but had manager to become a nurse, and could work for years at a time, and then someone would take over, and she couldn’t. She was with me for many years, and with another woman in my office as she needed to be reparented from scratch.

    Ok I now will close with this. I am that person, the other part I just told you was all true, but I wanted to tell the story myself.

    Ken retired, and I stayed with Nancy for years, relapsed on drugs after 7 years, and have never been the same, but working so hard at it.

    Me, and The Gang


    • Hello Nurse Deborah Wesson. I understand your story up until you said “I am that person” which one, the nurse or the patient the nurse was talking about.

      At one point in my life I would have reported your story almost word for word – so that’s why I understand it. Now that I know multiple personalities don’t exist, your story sounds like that from another planet.

      I hope you can find your way out of this maze it you want to. If indeed your story is true and you are not here to punk me and the readers who come here, to me, you are wasting your life away on this crap. I agree there is nothing cool or fun about the lifestyle of multiplicity, so why not stop it?


      • Sheri J.Storm

         /  11/09/2014

        Way to nip BS in the bud Jeanette! I hadn’t read this earlier. I admire your decorum and diplomacy – can I have some please?


        • You want decorum and diplomacy? lol The easy way is to always take the high-road when you can. Secondly, when I come across a commenter who acts like a child who needs guidance, compassion, and lots or room I treat them like a child. But when the vitriol & characterizations start on me or my readership.then I must assume the mommy role and stop it or curb their disruptive behavior. As a last route, censor the comment.

          As you’ll note, those who could not maintain an adult discussions on tops, are redacted. I’ve not banned anyone, but when they realize they can’t use my blog for hate speech most of the nonsense stopped immediately.


  2. Jessica

     /  06/20/2012

    moreso is a time thing now, i’m starting a practicum so that fills a lot of time.


  3. Jessica

     /  06/19/2012

    Was just reading S.M.A.R.T. conference thing, wish i could go, they are doing a topic on D.I.D. in children being operant conditioning by therapists.


  4. Altus

     /  06/19/2012


    There really isn’t a therapy to undo what has been done, which is sad. The mental health industry has turned its back on the monster it has created. You can go to “Psychology Today” and find a lot of garden variety therapists who claims to treat (induce?) DID in any major city. Try finding one who can undo the years of distorting someone’s past, inducing therapy-driven flash backs, and psuedo-memories that can’t be forgotten. There is no undo-DID therapy I’ve heard of…but the need certainly is there.

    Wanna be the first therapist?


    • Good point, Altus.

      I’ve never heard of therapists undoing damage, but they do it all the time. Who do you think has been mopping up all the psychotherapy causalities? Other therapists!

      It would be cool to find a therapist advertising “Reversal Therapy” For those injured by the former therapist. lol



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