Patients in Mental-Health Crisis Die Awaiting Help: Oxford, England

MP calls for review after patient deaths

Oxford Mail

Oxford, England

There are demands of Oxford Health to investigate suicides at the mental health facility “after two suicides in three months exposed failing systems”.

The mental health nurse of one of the deceased men call the Oxford Health’s Crisis Team but the team would not respond because the call for help did not come from the person in need.

..”Head of nursing Susan Haynes told coroner Darren Salter the organisation had now changed its policy and would carry out face-to-face assessments following a referral from any health professional.”

Patrick Taylor, director of mental health charity Oxfordshire Mind, said: “Mental health service users and carers need someone to turn to in a crisis – and a crisis can often happen at evenings and weekends when fewer support services are available.

“If these particular investigations result in changes to make it easier for people to get help then that is to be strongly welcomed.”

9:30am Saturday 23rd June 2012 in Oxford By Tom Jennings

Retrieved 06/23/12. Full story:

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  1. Sheri Storm

     /  07/03/2012

    I think many mental health care organizations spend far more time studying and applying the most effective billing codes to receive optimal payment from insurance providers then they do applying simple, plain (and humane) common sense to how to provide safe harbor for their patients. I hope the unfortunate remaining family members sue the proverbial pants off of this facility.



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