DSM V , Some New Disorders – Absolute Idiocy: You Tube about the bible of the psychiatry industry

Well worth spending 10 minutes of your time watching. Leave a comment to support the absurdity of this “manual” used by the Psychology Industry and the legal profession (because they have nothing else available).

In this video, average guy, Mike, discusses the idiocy of some “illnesses” and “disorders” the psychiatry industry is including in the bible of its profession slated for publication of volume 5 next year: The Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders – V (DSM). He suggests that this publication be relocated to the fiction & comic section of bookstores.

This manual is not meant to validate disorders but that is exactly what many patients (and therapists) think. Many believing they suffer from dissociative identity disorder which includes: multiple personalities, inner family systems, alternate personalities, inner selves, alternate identities, other identities, and dozens of other definitions.

I can’t help wondering what patients would think if this manual went out-of-print?

This manual is powerful. The DSM is wrapped in politics, big Pharma ( the drug industry) as well as lucrative careers and incomes of thousands upon thousands of people who associate themselves with the American Psychology Industry (API).p.s.  Don’t go and research the API – I just made it up.

Retrieved 07/01/12.


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  1. Altus

     /  07/05/2012

    It’s interesting that the guy who did the video said the DSM is admittedly theory. I think a lot of people confuse it with medicine. A bunch of it, including MPD/DID is just thought up stuff. There is no science behind it—yet! Hopefully as science does advance especially in area of brain science, these myths that people have held onto since Freud will be disproven and the with it will go the damage of years of bad therapy from trying to uncover some sort of forgotten trauma.

    There is no science behind the theory that trauma results in dissociative identity disorder. The theory is being promoted by an advocacy group, the ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation,) who makes money off training people in their beliefs. You will not find much substantive research from this group published in professional or medical journals. Their thinking is not widely accepted in the courts, medicine or science and their society is filled with famous “therapists” who have ruined people’s heath and lives with their “theories” and lost millions in malpractice lawsuits.


    • Well that would be lost tens of millions of dollars in medical malpractice suits.

      This video is spot-on. He is an average guy telling it like it is – absurdity. If only it didn’t pass as mental health care – that is, reimbursable by insurance health care.



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