International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation, Conference Details, October 18-22, 2012

The International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (ISST-D) is the premier organization that strictly focuses on dissociative disorders believed to be caused by trauma. This organization’s membership is comprised of researchers and practitioners at the top of their respective fields.

This year’s annual conference is titled:

Integrating Science & Practice

The conference is scheduled for October 18-22, 2012 at the Hilton hotel in Long Beach, California, USA.

This YouTube video is an advertisement for the conference; a must view at 2:11 minutes.

See anything about education? This video is nothing but an advertisement for the city of Long Beach. It  is an attempt to lore interested people to the city, rather than to the conference. The results of this conference, for those who do not play all day, that will impact the lives of thousands of mental health patients and their families worldwide.

Shame on the ISST-D, mental health patients deserve more from you.

Here is a list of what is on the YouTube video which the ISST-D finds important about the conference in Long Beach:

night life          drinking          swimming          concerts          beaches

boating          aquarium         art museums     posh dinners   shopping

We no longer need to question why the ISST-D cannot come up with research evidence for the existence of a mental malady that continue to be steeped in controversy.

There has been much criticism of the ISST-D on this blog for many reasons that relate to the lack of scientific basis for the disorders they proport to diagnose and treat – dissociative identity disorder among others.

A conference of this magnitude choosing to advertisie the amenities of a city, rather on the importance of education, is deplorable.

I have yet to find a list of presenters for this conference. In general I find this website not user friendly and totally disorganized so there may be a list I could not find, so if you find one, please let me know.

What I found, however, is the cost for this conference which starts at $665 for members and $405 for students. Remember, if you attend you must find a bed and food which forces the cost to over $1,000 US dollars for students. Factor in the many joys of playing in Long Beach and the cost skyrockets. Attendees are asked to pay for a conference without knowing anything about the presenters.


From the ISST-D website:

Vision Statement

Social policy and health care will address the prevalence and consequences of chronic trauma and dissociation, making effective treatment available for all who suffer from the effects of chronic or complex trauma.

Mission Statement

ISSTD seeks to advance clinical, scientific, and societal understanding about the prevalence and consequences of chronic trauma and dissociation.

Welcome to the premier organization for clinical teaching about complex trauma and dissociation.

The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation is an international, non-profit, professional association organized to develop and promote comprehensive, clinically effective and empirically based resources and responses to trauma and dissociation and to address its relevance to other theoretical constructs.

Retrieved 07/14/12.

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  1. avalon111

     /  07/24/2012

    Your right, it’s tough for Bethany Brand. She and a few others, including perhaps members of the ISSTD must scream into their pillows as folk like Valerie Sinasona and Ellen P. Lacter reduce their organisation yet again to a sick joke, wheeling off American psychology (as well as British) and psychotherapy off a cliff in a rusty shopping trolley with four bent wheels and a bad squeak.

    I’m surprised that “Therapists Reporting Histories of Ritual Abuse Trauma: Preliminary Results on Beneficial and Detrimental Treatment Approaches” was listed. I would have expected the conference management to stop that one getting through. A digital recording of the Q&A session will be no doubt embarassing, though just the listing itself with arch-loonies Sinason (still reeling from the Carol Felstead ongoing scandal – and the somewhat too-revealing interview in The Observer December last year – see and Lacter – arch American witchfinder general (in the UK that role was taken by marxist-feminist Beatrix Campbell) is bad enough.

    As it is the ISSTD make no secret of their association with the ‘shit-house-rat-crazy’ brigade, and membership of the organisation is a sure-fire means of identifying a crank. Its journal editorial board is a whose-who of looniness, headed by editor Jennifer ‘all the satanic recovered memories are true!’ J. Freyd, and with such luminaries on-board as;



    …all deeply associated with the promotion of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth (as are Sinason and Lacter). D. CORYDON HAMMOND, PhD or Cory Hammond as we know and love him is perhaps the most famous, having authored the famous ‘Greenbaum Speech’ (see perhaps the best example of crazed looniness to be found amongst the elite of America’s mental health professionals.

    Somehow BETHANY BRAND, PhD, PAUL F. DELL, PhD and JAMES A. CHU, MD have no problem associating with the above, because they are on the same Editorial Board!.

    Things of course can get worse. The ISSTD could invite David Icke to the 30th Annual Conference next year. His absence this year is no doubt keenly felt – it would have boosted the numbers attending a bit.

    Alternately the ISSTD could partner-up with Neil ‘trained-as-a-secret-assassin-but-looks-surprisingly-like-an-accountant’ Brick of S.M.A.R.T fame, whose annual conference apparently takes place in a hotel located in the middle of a swamp at the end of an airport runway flying DC3’s (just to dissuade journalists and writers from attending).

    With subscriber numbers falling it is conceivable that the reason Sinason, Lacter and Rachel Wingfield-Schwartz are attending is because some faction in the organisation has decided it is time to put the ISSTD out of its misery, and these guys will do the trick more than ably. With no professional body able or willing to do the deed it is conceivable that by wheeling the organisation off-a-cliff by associating it with crazed paranoids (well, not entirely new to the ISSTD’s history, but some have tried to give it an air of respectibility in recent times) the organisation will finally give-up-the-ghost.

    Indeed Lacter, Sinason, Wingfield-Schwartz and her husband Joseph Schwartz already have a well-documented (by themselves) history of ‘putting the boot in’ to other organisations. Their association with the John Bowlby Centre in London has rendered that organisation a joke whilst running the reputation and legacy of Dr. John Bowlby…off a cliff in a rusty shopping trolley with four bent wheels and a bad squeak.



    • As I repeatedly say, let the ISSTD show the absurdity of their organization.

      If they did not have an impact on the lives of many consumers of mental health care & their families, we could dismiss the ISSTD. Until then, we can only expose their antics and the ridiculous claims by members.


    • I read ‘Healing the Unimaginable’ by Alison Miller (2012) and the Ritual Abuse & Mind Control (2012) book as I stumbled across a ‘live’ case with real memories – nothing ‘recovered’. I am supporting the person as a private citizen against authorities who seemingly are colluding with the abuse perpetrators!



      • Jeannette Bartha

         /  02/08/2013

        Ah, I read some Alice Miller in the 70s. I found her rather hateful towards parents. Don’t remember more than that.


  2. Jessica

     /  07/23/2012

    “My Poor Brain Broke in Pieces: Dissociation in Children and Adults with Severe Intellectual Disability”

    wow…just wow…

    My main area of work is with people with severe intellectual delays, they are VERY impressionable beyond that of normal children, and are mainly non-verbal. Attempting to label them did, or try to say they dissociate is just wrong and morally incorrect.

    Off to go to my ARC job to give them some REAL support.


    • If The Psychology Industry, i.e. individuals making money from it, were held to high standards of reporting their “research” & “clinical observations” they allegedly conduct, mental health care consumers would have a chance to evaluate these pseudo-therapies properly.

      On the other end of the IQ continuum you mention, DID theorists and practitioners repeatedly say and publish that: those diagnosed with DID are highly creative and highly intelligent.

      It is not true, a lie, sold to buyers. IQ’s undoubtedly run the range of scores like any group of people randomly pulled together.

      Which therapy would you purchase? one that told you:

      1) you are highly intelligent and creative and that’s why you survived maltreatment

      2) you have sub-par intelligence & that’s why are are stuck believing you are a little girl personality who was not smart enough, or resilient enough, and too mentally weak to overcome your past and mature like most of us do?

      The seller of option #2 would quickly go out of business.



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