Drug Sales Fall in Europe & US: Is it behind new psychiatric diagnoses?

When reading this article, I became curious about how the increase of psychiatric

English: GSK Factory Glaxo Smithkline manufact...

English: GSK Factory Glaxo Smithkline manufacturing site (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

categories slated to be added to the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) might be related to slumping drug sales. The DSM, often referred to as the bible of The Psychology Industry, is partly politically driven. The DSM has tremendous influence on the professions of psychiatry, psychology, law, and most importantly on mental health consumers.

Are low drug sales behind the powerful Psychology Industry’s decision to add new diagnoses?

Maybe, just maybe, people are eating better, exercising, and healthier and happier than past years. Are mental health consumers learning that resilience is a human condition and are failing to accept the label of “sick person”?

Can falling drug sales be related to guffaws, embarrassment, and falling credibility of The Psychology Industry (TPI)? TPI has hundreds of unregulated pseudo-treatments and pop-psychology therapies, like Dissociative Identity Disorder & Internal Family Systems, for sale. These particular psychiatric treatments have proven over and over to cause patient harm in some cases. Are consumers educating themselves and disinterested in psychotherapy?

Interesting dynamics. What do you think?

the husband's vicodin

the husband’s vicodin (Photo credit: massdistraction)


GSK sales slump in Europe, U.S. on price cuts, generics  By Tracy Staton

“Without emerging markets, Japan and consumer healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline’s ($GSK) second quarter earnings announcement would just be a sea of negative numbers. Thanks to positives in those three areas, overall sales were down just 2%. Europe and U.S. on the other hand, are in a world of hurt.

In fact, things in Europe are so bad that Glaxo is reorganizing its regional commerical operation and management structure. Abbas Hussain, who’s been leading the charge into emerging markets, will take Europe under his wing, too. “These changes will improve GSK’s ability to realize new growth opportunities”–“.

– read the releasefrom GSK (PDF)

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