Books Endorcing Dissociative Identity Disorder, Multiple Personalities & Internal Family Systems

The books listed below are by authors with educational degrees* in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, sociology, mental health care, law, and related areas that focus on the belief that there is a psychiatric disorder called:  Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the rising star in The Psychology Industry – “Internal Family Systems” and/or  “Parts” therapies.


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This is an ongoing educational and information offering. This blogger supports none of the publications listed below and assumes no responsibility for your reading choices.

Note to Readers:

  • If you have additional titles to add, please leave a comment.

Secrets &Tricks of:  Writing, the Publishing Business, & Research Savvy

  • Be aware of publication dates. If you seek current information, a book with a publication date of 2011 does not always indicate it is current. You must look closer..
  • 2nd editions are a re-publication of the original work (different from 2nd Reprint).

Usually, authors republish their work to update material, or to add information or research that has changed since the initial publication.

An author can re-publish changing only a few paragraphs and it will appear that the publication date is current. This may be intentional, may not. It is a trick used in the Real Estate business all the time – every time a house listing is updated, it gets a new “publication” date and unsuspecting buyers may wrongly think the house is a “new” listing. The same applies to books.

A reader will not know what the author changed in the 2nd edition until the two are compared. Yep, more homework.

All second editions listed below have a * next to the date.

Note to Commenters:

  • if so desired, kindly critique the work of the author, not the writer – “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”


Alphabetical by Title

Atttachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Valerie Sinason, Ed, 2nd edition, 2011.

Rebuilding Shattered Lives: Treating Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders, James Chu,  2nd edition, 2011

The Stranger In The Mirror, Marlene Steinberg & Maxine Schnall, 2001


*educational degree = educational studies at an accredited college or university that led to a degree. This excludes author claims such as: “studied at”, “studied with” – followed by a highly respected individual in a particular area of expertise; and other words & phrases meant to confuse or misrepresent personal achievements.

Jeanette’s Thought’s on Authorship

Anyone can write. Writing, foremost, is the ability to stay front of a blank computer screen or blank piece of paper for a prolonged period of time & the desire to repeat the process – ad nauseam – The most difficult aspect of the endeavor.

I do not think it takes advanced education before someone can, or should, write and publish. If education was free, the number of people with university degrees and advanced degrees (doctors & psychologists) would rise quickly. Education is not free.

Having an “education” through a university is often the luck of the draw. Those with money do while those without money hope for a scholarship so they can. The burning desire to learn coupled with the need to gain information is what constitutes “an educated person”.

You can too

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