Books: Memoirs by Those who Identity as having Multiple Personalities or Dissociative Identity Disorder

This list is published memoirs by individuals claiming to have multiple personalities –  now referred to as Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID. Some listings are co-authored by the treating psychotherapist.

Some publications are by those who believe they have overcome the illness, but most memoirs are by individuals who believe they continue to suffer and have learned to cope with this controversial diagnosis that many in the psychiatric community do not believe is an actual illness but rather a cultural phenomenon.

The list below if for informational purposes only. Seek a qualified professional if you need psychological assistance. This bloggers supports none of the publications listed and assumes no responsibility for readers reactions.


22 Faces, by Judy Byington (Weindorf) about Jenny Hill

A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder by Robert B. Oxnam (2006)

A Tale Of Possession: A True Story Of Multiple Personality Disorder And Spiritual Possession by Sophia Adare (2009)

Amongst Ourselves: A Self-Help Guide to Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder by Tracy Alderman (1998)

As if it Didn’t happen, Maggie Claire (sp?) may be self-published

Becoming One: A Story of Triumph Over Multiple Personality Disorder by Sarah E. Olson (1997)

Beyond Integration: One Multiple’s Journey by Doris Bryant & Judy Kessler (1995)

Beyond These Walls: The True Story of a Lost Child’s Journey to a Whole Life by Rachel Gunner (Author), Hanna Gabriele (2006)

Breaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder by Herschel Walker and Jerry Mungadze (2009)

Fire and Water: A Safe Journey Through Multiple Personality Disorder by Anna F. Thomas (2009)

Fragments by Tessa Jones (2011)

Got Parts? An Insider’s Guide to Managing Life Successfully with Dissociative Identity Disorder (New Horizons in Therapy) by A.T.W. (2004)

The Magic Daughter: A Memoir of Living with Multiple Personality Disorder by Jane Phillips (1992)

Multiple Personality Disorder from the Inside Out by W. Giller, Barry M. Cohen, Esther Giller, and Lynn W. (1991)

Silencing the voices: one woman’s experience with multiple personality disorder by Jean Darby Cline (1997)

The D.I.D. Survival Guide: Start Living Now! (Healthy Living Now) by Vicky Bovary (2012)

The Flock: The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality by Joan Frances Casey, Lynn Wilson and Frances Howland (1992)

The Magic Daughter: A Memoir of Living with Multiple Personality Disorder by Jane Phillips (1997)

The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes

The Sum of My Parts: A Survivor’s Story of Dissociative Identity Disorder by Olga Trujillo (2011)

Twenty-Two Faces by Judy Byington (Weindorf) about Jenny Hill

When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase (1990)

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