Dear Dr. Phil,

Thank you for the research your staff conducted on multiple personalities and the subsequent airing of your show about multiple personalities AKA dissociative identity disorder.

I found the respect you gave your guests, particularly Tracy, to be outstanding.

Most importantly, you and your staff took the concept of multiple personalities and made it a reality for viewers which will help them understand this controversial mental-malady.

It is my hope that Tracy accepts your offer for treatment. She and her family took a huge risk in coming out – on national and international television. Perhaps they can all begin to heal.


Jeanette Bartha

update 08/20/12. Tracy accepted your offer for therapy. How is she?

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  1. Altus

     /  05/13/2012

    Sheri writes, “only to surface after questionable practices in a therapist’s office with a never-ending cycle of new, atrocious memories, dysfunction and newly-legitimate post traumatic disorder.”

    I wish there were some statistics on how many people actually GET PTSD from age regression therapy, and reenacting suspected traumas, etc. PTSD is supposed something you can’t forget BEFORE going to a therapist, not something you get through therapy. I don’t think the average person understands this.

    We can trace the sources of e coli outbreaks, food poisoning, etc. which involve microscopic organisms back to a single instance of exposure, but we can’t trace therapy-based PTSD back to full grown men and women exposing people session after session, facilitating the “recalling” of traumas that the patient had no memory of initially, detailing horrible, sometimes implausible, stories over and over again until they are sucked down a vortex into terror and dysfunction, under the guise of “healing.”


  2. SherI, I agree with much of what you said about how Dr. Phil and his staff choose to write the show.

    The topic of multiple personalities & dissociative identity disorder has gained a long history of mistakes and a wake of damaged patients and families. Dr. Phil’s is well aware of that.

    From my point of view, he took a bold step – but had to make it a tiny step in order to keep his viewers and new followers who believe they have DID. The show is short and he is dealing with real people and had to take that into consideration and treat them and the subject gingerly.

    Imagine if he had someone on the show who was in a cult of some type. Then think about how effective he would be if he sat down and told that person that everything they believe is wrong? I suspect his guest would shut-down emotional and intellectually.

    When someone believes they have multiple personalities, their beliefs run deep – very deep – to the core of who they are, how they view their past and how they live from day to day. That’s how it was when I believed and exhibited multiple personalities. If, for example, someone tried to challenge my belief in my alter personalities, it would have tilted my perceptions of reality.

    To strip someone of their beliefs and what they hold as their identity is probably not wise to do in a few short minutes on national TV. To challenge and question it, yes.

    I doubt the therapy Dr. Phil offered his guest(s) will Not include anything about multiple personalities. I would be surprised if the treatment offered didn’t include a total physical workup including a neurological exam. We may never know.

    What I think Dr. Phil has an ethical responsibility to do now is to have people on his show who do not subscribe to the multiple personality/dissociative identity disorder concept and to give voice to people like me who came close to dying because of it. I highly doubt that will occur. There have been decades of chances for shows like Oprah and Dr. Phil to do so but, as far as I know, they have chosen not to air a show about how psychotherapy can damage people. LOL could put them out of business now that I think of it.

    Dr. Phil did a good job of steering away from buzz words like recovered memories. false memories, and others that do nothing more than divide people instantly and cause emotions to flare and intellect to fall. That is why I use them as little as possible.

    I do not watch Dr. Phil regularly, but I found something he did at the end of the show of interest. He took the time to let his audience know that he has a staff of 300 people working and researching for his shows. Why did he do that? Why did he feel compelled to have this top manager on the show? I’ve never seen that done before and I find it curious.

    Your support of my work is much appreciated. One kind word goes a long way with me. Best.


  3. Sheri Storm

     /  05/12/2012


    Your conviction to investigate, educate and promote awareness on this topic is remarkable. I respect your dedication and am grateful the time and effort you’ve taken to share publications, sites and opinions.

    I believe that if Dr. Phil chooses to promote the show’s ratings (May “sweeps”) by broadcasting a piece about Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder – he has a moral and ethical obligation to go beyond saying the disorder is extremely rare. He did not disclose the high possibility / probability of iatrogenic disorder or false memories. And he did not mention that cases with striking similarity run rampant.

    If he felt that doing so in that episode would have repudiated Tracy’s story, then the compassionate Dr. Phil might want to consider a piece highlighting the epic number of multiple personality diagnoses with similar circumstances throughout the United States and other countries. When someone with huge celebrity status sensationalizes the bizarre aspects of alleged psychiatric disorders – while dancing cautiously around issues that require heavy scrutiny, they encourage further harm via circumvention.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t the doctor’s lack of mentioning recovered memories can often be incorrect or suggested within therapy – even some small gesture prior to rolling the credits, be considered a lie by omission? I’m angry. I am very angry.

    Go to the discussion board about this episode – you will find dozens of posters with (alleged) multiple personalities – many wanting others to know that Tracy is malingering and that they, themselves, are “true” multiples. The running dialog is indicative of how they’ve been victimized by non-believers and that Dr. Phil is their new saint. They clutch each and every morsel of affirmation that does not challenge the beliefs they’ve adopted. They hunger for validation of their ‘superior survival prowess” and will worship anyone who provides it. A casual online search of DID support groups indicates how prevalent these cases of therapy gone awry are.

    I am not suggesting that abuse does not occur. I am not implying that abusive situations are not traumatic. I am however, contesting the HUGE VOLUME of patients who had no memory of abuse prior to counseling – only to surface after questionable practices in a therapist’s office with a never-ending cycle of new, atrocious memories, dysfunction and newly-legitimate post traumatic disorder.



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