Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) Criticism & Controversy

On this blog we discuss illogical aspects of psychiatry and The Psychology Industry – as it pertains to the non-existence of multiple personalities categorized under the diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s time to expand our insight into this profession and arm ourselves with information so mental health consumers have a chance of wading through treatment options with knowledge instead of confusion.

My wife reading in bed. And it wasn't because ...

My wife reading in bed. And it wasn’t because she was trying to get to sleep. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM) is the bible of The Psychology Industry and is only a document listing symptoms that may, or may not, be associated with legitimate psychiatric illness and distress. The second use is to find a billing code associated with every diagnosis so therapists can bill insurance companies for reimbursement.

Volume five (5) of the DSM has so much controversy surrounding it –  it should not be published. American psychiatric associations are pathologizing normal human emotions and experiences to a ridiculously high level and the powers-that-be should be ashamed of themselves – but they are not. Arrogance and the need for money and power reign supreme in the psychiatric/psychological professions.

I cannot keep up with the ever increasing volume of criticism published about the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – volume 5 (DSM-5) slated for publication in the coming year (2013).

In an effort to educate and inform, this post offers links to opinions of professionals in the fields of psychiatry & psychology, of researchers, laypersons, patients, parents and others.

Read these links with interest. Look at and examine the nonsense the psychiatric/medical profession is about to launch on you and your kids and how human emotions and experiences are about to be created, labeled, pathologized, therapized, and most importantly Medicated by big pharmaceutical companies who are busy in their labs compounding drugs to address the “new” diagnoses included in the upcoming edition of the DSM.

Buyer beware. Buyer be educated. Buyer be informed.

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Something smells funny…

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  1. I heard that “adolescence” was considered to be included as a disorder in the DSM, I don’t know if it actually made it in but as a mother of an adolescent I can understand how teenagers may seem insane at times. I don’t think adolescence should be considered a mental disorder that needs medication or medicalized treament or therapy any more that a two-year-old who is jumping up and down should be labled “hyper”.


    • lol.

      What is scary is the bipolar diagnosis given to children. Right, let’s toss powerful drugs at growing minds…. twenty years from now we can wonder why young adults are so f’d up.



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