Alien Abductions & Extraterrestial Beings & Dissociative Identity Disorder

Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, Ne...

Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, New Jersey Edited version of Image:PurportedUFO NewJersey 1952 07 31.gif. By Bach01. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wanted to stay away from extending information on this blog to extraterrestrial beings and alien abductions. It is no longer possible to ignore or omit because theories, beliefs, and ideas held by believers regarding memory, memory recall, repression, as well as psychiatric and physical abuse is too similar, and sometimes identical, to those held by proponents of dissociative identity disorder, multiple personalities, and other dissociative disorders. The information is entangled throughout the professional literature as well as on blogs, websites and books.

Although both groups may not support the beliefs and contentions of the other, upon closer examination you will find similarities that cannot be brushed aside. There are reasons the information and beliefs of both groups overlap – and that reason, in part, is due to faulty reasoning and the unwillingness to accept data or information that runs contrary to their theories and well ingrained notions that is often reinforced by professional counselors and others in the mental health field. (see Dr. Colin Ross @ The Colin Ross Institute)

People who believe that alien abductions and/or dissociative identity disorder and/or multiple personalities exist think that they have had experiences that cannot be remembered. Therefore, both groups subscribe to the notion of repressed memories (perhaps they choose to call it something else) whereby a person can sustain horrific experiences and have no memory of it until years later when the hunt for them is desired, or the underlying psychopathology brings the memories to the surface and they have no choice but to deal with them.

This section will offer the works of those believing in alien abductions & extraterrestrials. At times, this search and the accompanying links, will lead to CIA programs of mind control, brainwashing, and mind control (which are well documented and did occur) as well as ritual abuse and other related topics.

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  1. DIDwife

     /  10/05/2016

    It’s true. People can post whatever they want without getting all the facts. I just read posts that are making false statements (I’ve read the books, signed the actual consent forms, and reviewed the packets) which explain clearly a logical medical point of view. The comments twist words and misquote. Easy to believe if you don’t actually fact check.


  2. Roma Hart

    10/02/2012 at 10:26 pm

    What do I think about a connection between DID and alien abductions ?
    Well actually in 1990 my old psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross came back from his ISSMPD/DID convention in Chicago and was soooo excited to tell me what his colleage Dr.Bennet Braun had told him about the connection with aliens and MPD and , of course goes without sayin’….the CIA !!
    Okay I have to go back to the beginning in 1986 to explain that after just a few sessions with Dr. Colin Ross, who was Western Canada’s ONLY expert in MPD at that time, he had me completely convinced that I had not only been abducted by aliens but that I had also been impregenated by an alien and had given birth to a half alien/ half human baby.
    That news completely horrified me and freaked me out because I was and still am a fundamentalist kind of Christian, so all I could think of was : “Oh my God!! How could God let this happen ! ” and stuff like that. So I decided that the alien baby must be dead and told Colin Ross that I never EVER wanted to discuss that subject again.
    Sooo back to 1990′ish. As I was saying Dr.Colin Ross came into his office all smiling and happy just burtsing with great news to tell me. “Great news!” he said “your alien baby didn’t die!”
    Now try to picture me completely horrified right about now as he goes on to explain this great news that he brought back with him from that convention in Chicago.
    “Oh no” he explained ” the reason that no one can ever find the bodies of the babies that are murdered during Satanic rituals (geeez did I forget to mention Satanic Ritual Abuse ? Nevermind that’s a whole other website) is because, (now get ready….. ) the babies bodies are beamed up aboard spaceships to be raised until they are 18 then they are sent back down to earth and given jobs by the CIA in the New World Order.” (You see, the babies are half alien, cause the women were impregnated by aliens, duh.)
    Dr.Colin Ross was genuinely puzzled by my “extremely unhappy” reaction and I still never spoke with him about that subject ever again.
    Thank-you very much


    • Oh my Roma. These therapies always have an easy albeit irrational explaination for everything. They even have themselves deluded & convinced they did not influence the patient or use suggestion in any why. Therapists are educated – not saying smart – yet they are unable to use the most basic tenents of psychotherapy …. listen to your patient & do not interject your values onto their narrative. Then there is that little… what is it a saying… do no harm. We need to be asking.these therapists what constitites harm —- in their opinion. Evidentially seeing a human beings well – being disintegrate before your eyey & at your hand does not qualify az harm rather it substantitates the absurd. Notion that if the patient is getting worse then therapy is on the right track. Give me a break!


  1. ART BELL Dreamland Dr. Carla Turner Alien Abductions « Hidden Agendas

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