Australia: Mental Health Patients Wait Hours for In-patient Admissions

Access to timely mental health care continues to decline worldwide. Delayed services cause patients, their families, and society increased distress as do treatable illnesses below the neck. Psychiatric difficulties are largely invisible so depressed patients, for example, don’t necessarily look suicidal – not that there is such a ridiculous notion. A broken arm, on the other hand, looks like a broken arm. Fact is, a broken psyche needs immediate attention too – and sometimes more urgently. Depression can be life threatening and requires medical intervention – now! not when funding trickles down government pipelines or when there is enough staff on duty.

Fairfax Regional Media, Australia, reports “One in three mental health patients is waiting more than eight hours to receive care in Victoria  – an increase of 96% from the previous quarter, not the previous  year. What does 2013 look like for mental health care patients in Australia? Where’s the money, Australia?

“Williamstown Labor MP Wade Noonan said the figures revealed that $500 million cuts to the state’s health system were having a devastating impact” according to Fairfax Regional Media.


Retrieved 11/05/12.

Mental health patients languishing longer by MELISSA CUNNINGHAM and ANDRIA COZZA

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  1. april

     /  11/07/2012

    Only 8??? That would be an improvement here where I reside in NYC, where folks wait hours to be seen, & days for an available bed, sometimes being shipped throughout the 5 boroughs to the 1st available. Then the grossly overcrowded conditions inside make for a poor recovery environment. In certain facilities, the hospital adds trauma on top of intense suffering. Austrailia in comparison, sounds pretty good..


    • Hi April, Yes, Australia sounds good in comparison.

      I’d love to hear more about New York City. What makes for the long wait times?



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