Bilingualism, the Personality Shape-Shifter by Rekha Ambardar

 Sometimes, multiple personalities aren’t the reason we change our personality. We all do it; we all don’t name each one, however. If we did, the world population would have multiple personalities.


Rekha Ambardar

Does being bilingual consciously change personality when switching languages? Researchers who conducted a study on this subject tell me this does happen.

Researchers David Lewis from Baruch College, and Torsten Ringberg and Laura A. Perracchio from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, studied groups of Hispanic women, all of whom were bilingual, but with varying degrees of cultural identification.1.

Although the study was conducted on female respondents, the researchers asserted that there was no reason that men also would not experience a similar frame-switching, that is, switching from reactions congruent to one culture to reactions congruent to another culture.

They found changes in self-perception or frame-shifting in the bicultural participants — women who took part in both Latino and Anglo cultures. The researchers study showed that the women classified themselves as more assertive when speaking in Spanish than when they spoke English. In the Spanish language session, the female subjects were noted as being more self-sufficient and extroverted.

Retrieved 7/27/11. Full Story World and


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