Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell You: “I love my job, but …”

I love my job, but hate the long hours, client’s often-slow progress, and the difficulty in being understood as a profession.

“Like most people, a therapist isn’t always going to be in love with their jobs. There are a lot of daily frustrations a therapist faces, including those mentioned above. Unless the therapist is well-established and successful, many therapists work 10 hour days, or up to 6 days a week. Sometimes clients aren’t committed to the process of changing as much as they say they are, which can be frustrating. And many people still believe that therapists listen to you talk about your dreams as you lay on a couch. It’s hard to be respected as a profession (psychiatrists are often looked down upon by their physician peers), and everyone believes that it’s one of the easiest professions in the world that just about anyone could do (“You just sit there and listen to people’s problems all day?! Sign me up!”).”

Dr. John Grohol is the CEO and founder of Psych Central. He has been writing about online behavior, mental health and psychology issues, and the intersection of technology and psychology since 1992.
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