How Science-Oriented is Psychology?

By Michael Anestis, M.S.

What does science have to do with it?

“Clinical psychology is a field full of individuals who share a common desire: to help those suffering with mental illness reclaim their lives. This shared goal, however, is one of the few ideas on which nearly all clinical psychologists agree. One particularly contentious issue is the role of science in our conceptualization of and treatment of mental illness. Some share my belief that our best path toward understanding and successfully treating mental illness is vigorous scientific study. Others believe that science is not capable of answering the questions that bring clients to their offices.”

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Mike Anestis is a doctoral candidate in the clinical psychology department at Florida State University and a psychology resident at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Reprint by permission. Accessed 2/1/11.

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  1. Altus

     /  07/25/2012

    Yes, these therapists, use their “nice” and listening and validating to get far into the psyches of unsuspecting patients. Had this young woman not taken a course in critical thinking, she might well still be in hell, maybe even posting to this board that she was DID and you did not know what you were talking about. Instead, she is painfully aware that her therapist has taken away years of her life with DID therapy.

    I hope, hope, you can post and highlight and discuss these one at a time. I have not watched them all, but look forward to watching them all–perhaps a few times. One poster on her site suggested she get these up on James Randi’s site or Quackwatch. This story is not unique. It’s happening right now in therapists’ offices across the US. Word needs to get out.


    • What I like about these videos is that they are made by a young person. It is the youth of America, and soon the world, who find multiple personalities intriguing. They are highly influenced by support groups and forums.



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