The International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation, Episode Commentaries

The International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (ISSTD) who considers themselves the “premier professional society on dissociative disorders issues” summarized each episode and made lengthily commentaries on each.

Follow the link … ISSTD Tara commentaries

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  1. Steve

     /  06/02/2011

    In the very first commentary from the ISSTD regarding the very first episode of US of Tara, they state that switching alters is a covert and almost hidden process. A previous commenter on this blog said something similar a couple of posts ago. Really?

    Twenty years ago, when I worked with a psychiatrist who had diagnosed dozens of his patients with MPD, ” switching” among his patients was dramatic as hell. Women would flip from one peronality to another with florid obviousness. Little ones, nymphomaniacs, demons and always the adult amongst the “crowd”, back and forth it went. Some of his patients even had ” dog” alters and actually growled and barked in the lobby of the agency as they waited to see their shrink. I’m not making this up. It was sheer chaos.

    This is, in my mind, further evidence of how the proponents of this nonsense have retreated from the growing skepticism of this madness by constantly revising the disorder in an attempt to make it appear somewhat normal and valid.

    Twenty years ago it was satanic cult induced and produced startling changes in personality. Now it’s just another psychiatric disorder with barely imperceptible
    ” switching”



    • thanks for your insights, Steve. I agree, when I was into MPD switching was obvious. I wonder how it has become almost imperceptible – and let’s not forget that only a trained eye can see it.

      You are right on with the ISSTD and its proponents urgently and methodically making DID a common, yet exotic, illness. Constantly revising diagnostic criterion and definitions, and heck – the name of the illness is an obvious way to keep scrutiny at bay. They can’t even agree on the definition of an alter personality! Is is an alter, an entity, an insider, and outsider, an alter personality? Depends on whom you talk to and the agenda they have.

      Simply ridiculous. It’s criminal what these “mental health care providers” are getting away with. Again, at the expense of the patient.


      • Steve

         /  06/02/2011


        I want to make it clear that I don’t hold any former or current patient diagnosed with DID/MPD accountable for this madness. I was almost sucked into this myself.

        The professional mental health community is responsible for this and they’re responsible for ending it. I only wish they’d grow a spine and speak out.


  2. V

     /  06/01/2011

    I’m glad that tax money, private donations, and government grants for medical research are allowing these people to watch Showtime. Sounds like a good use of society’s resources.

    I think DID therapists can’t really see the difference between imagination and reality. Fiction vs. nonfiction vs. medicine seems to confuse them. It makes sense they’d study a TV show.


    • Study a TV show, lol. Actually, many in the DID community don’t like the show claiming it is not a good representation of them. Also, think about it – Richard Kluft, MD & I think, Colin Ross, MD – 2 huge influences and theorists of the DID movement are advisers to the show – talk about betrayal? Or is it reality – only the patients know for sure.



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