Georgia, USA: Mayors’ Christmas Motorcade Raises Donations for Mental Health Patients

Good for you Georgia! You get it – the importance of mental health care benefits everyone.

Listen up! the other 49 states of the US. Please, follow Georgia’s lead and make mental health care a priority.


MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia, USA (41NBC/WMGT) – Mayors from across the state are pulling together to give gifts to patients of Georgia’s mental health and retardation hospitals.

(Written by Amanda Castro on Tuesday, December 04, 2012 03:18 PM.)

The motorcade kicked off the annual donation for Central State Hospital. Trumpets filled the air, cars and motorcycles covered the streets and crowded gathered to watch the parade.

“It’s a day we look forward to every year,” Milledgeville Mayor Richard Bentley said. “The fact we can have people who care enough in our community and other communities to provide that for them, it’s just a blessing in of itself,” Bentley said.

A blessing that’s been giving for more than 50 years. …At least 10 mayors have donated so far and officials expect more to participate.

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