Australian False Memory Association

From their website (02-05-13) Australian False Memory Association

The Australian False Memory Association abhors child abuse. It is concerned about the serious individual and social effects of Recovered Memories. This includes the impact on the accusers, those who recover false memories of child abuse, and individuals and families devastated by false accusation. All are victims of memory.


The Australian False Memory Association was commenced in March 1995 by a group of persons affected by accusations of child abuse based solely on so-called Recovered Memories.This organisation was formed out of a recognition that many individuals had been affected by false allegations of child abuse arising from such Recovered Memories, frequently by members of their own family. Tragically, as elsewhere in the world, the methods associated with Recovered Memories have been advocated and used within government and private services Australia-wide. Aware of the general ignorance about the nature of this, the AFMA was formed to ensure;

  • information and support to those affected
  • education for professionals and the general public, and,
  • a reasoned statement of concerns based on sound science and professional practise,
  • that professionals abide by their own stated Codes of Ethics and Practise

The following contact details are for members of the AFMA who volunteer their time to assist. After getting over the initial shocks, some are able to assist in this way. Please appreciate that the AFMA arose out of this devastation, with few financial resources. Inquiries will be met as promptly as possible, but please keep in mind the AFMA is a voluntary organisation.


Sth Queensland Gloria 1300 88 88 77
Nth Queensland Chris Forsberg 07 4033 2619 [home]
07 4031 9418 [work]
Sydney Gloria 1300 88 88 77
Victoria Boz 1300 88 88 77
Canberra John 02 6249 7998
Tasmania Boz 1300 88 88 77
South Australia Evelyn 08 8337 5461
Western Aust. Evelyn 08 8337 5461
Northern Territory Evelyn 08 8337 5461

PO Box 694
Epping NSW 2121

Ph: 1300 88 88 77

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