New Rules for Blog Conversations when discussing multiple personalties and Dissociative Identity Disorder- be civil or move on

New rules of engagement for this blog.

Everyone is invited to participate in conversations regardless of your stance on topics discussed.

The days of free-rein if expression have ended. I tried to let comments go where they go but the time to curb behavior and offensive language has begun. I am following suit that many bloggers and mainline publications are taking.

This blog is no longer “open” whereby allowing free expression no matter what is said. I abhor censorship, but the time has come to stop allowing my blog to be used as a platform to spew hate-speech, vulgarity, and disrespect when exchanging ideas.

Effective immediately, offending material, profanity, and other equally offensive remarks that most people would determine offensive or unwarranted will be redacted. The post will remain, however, offensive remarks will be XXXXX  out.

Thank you to all who read my blog, follow it, and comment. I hope this decision will make my blog a more user friendly place to exchange ideas, discussions, and conversations.

Best, Jeannette


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  1. Well, considering you trolled sites to get info on people who are “faking DID” I guess it’s time to be more respectful. You’re experience does not take out an entire diagnosis. I am just hoping you have stopped trolling sites for info. Maybe some therapy would help to get you through that whole awful ordeal you went through….
    But I do respect that this blog will no longer spew hate. That is appreciated…
    so thank you….


    • Jeannette Bartha

       /  07/06/2013

      Hello Ayana, Thank you for stopping by. You’ll need to help me out here. Where did I say that people are, as you say, “faking DID”? It seems you are misunderstanding my point. The problem is that people believe they have multiple personalities, not that the mental malady is being faked although there is a growing number of people who do. I see it as a cultural artifact.

      Yes, I agree it’s time for people who come to my blog to be more respectful.

      What, in your opinion, is the difference between “trolling” and “research”? If you are here secretly and following conversations, are you not trolling according to your definition, so you know what I have to say? Why is your behavior OK, and mine not?

      I’m glad we can agree that spewing hate isn’t acceptable.


  2. Roma Hart

     /  03/02/2013

    Jeanette I am so glad to see that you have made this decision about allowing only respectful and intelligent converstions on your blog.


    • Jeannette Bartha

       /  03/02/2013

      Thanks for the feedback, Roma. I tried to keep this blog transparent. I realize my idea wasn’t working and by not taking action, I was offering a platform to spew hate. I gave it a go, now I’m done.

      Oh well, most major newspaper publishers discontinued open comments so I’m in good company.



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